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Bardonecchia Bikers Paradise
Around the Balcone Trail and the Pramand road

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15/06/2021 - 30/09/2021
15 June - 30 September


Business description

There are many thrilling routes full of fantastic surprises. Routes for all ages and abilities! With a bicycle you can enjoy incredible views and some truly unforgettable thrills. Trails and handy roads, such as the Sommeiller Pass (the highest road in Europe), guarantee unique experiences in stunning places. In addition to the Bike Park for freeride and downhill biking, it is also a strategic destination for road cycling enthusiasts: a number of legendary Tour de France and Giro d'Italia climbs can be tackled from the centre!

Colomion Travel Programme - Bardonecchia Bikers
5/8 days stay (4/7 nights).

After arrival and check-in at the chosen facility (apartments, B&B or 2 to 4-star hotels), guests are welcomed by a Colomion Travel representative who provides detailed information on the hiking programme and the services offered, which may include MTB or e-Bike rental or an MTB guide on request.
All the itineraries are explained in detail; a paper map is provided and you can also download the free app.
Most of the hikes take place between Italy and France and in some cases accommodation in a mountain hut may be arranged (Italy side/France side).

Day 1

Arrival in Bardonecchia in the afternoon, check-in and accommodation in the chosen facility.
7 pm: Meeting with the Colomion Travel rep, provision of information material and detailed explanation of the programme (4 or 7 days), tips and suggestions using local maps and according to the weekly weather forecast.
Overnight stay.

Day 2

After breakfast and after renting any bikes and technical gear that may be required, you leave for your planned itinerary: Bardonecchia-Stretta Valley-Stretta Valley Pass-Rho Pass-return to Bardonecchia. This route is quite challenging and has a total of 110 m of elevation gain. On the way back to Bardonecchia we stop at the Tur d'Amun, located above the old town of Bardonecchia. Dating back to the second half of the 12th century, it probably originally had a military purpose before becoming the residence of the local nobility, first the De Bardonnèches, then the de Jouffreys, who succeeded them in the seventeenth century.
Today, the Tur d'Amun is part of an archaeological park where panels providing information on the structures, their history and evolution over time can be used for a self-guided tour.
Return to the hotel and overnight stay.
A/Bardonecchia 1,312 m - B/Rho Pass 2,540 m
MTB – E-Bike
Difficulty: BC-OC
Distance: 11 Km
Elevation gain: 1,100 m

Day 3

After breakfast you leave for your planned itinerary: Bardonecchia-Punta Colomion-Passo della Mulattiera-Plampinet-Nevache-Colle della Scala- Bardonecchia. Medium-difficult itinerary mainly in woodlands, with a compact surface, easy to pedal and full of attractions worthy of a short stop (religious chapels with frescoes, former military barracks). The last section of the return journey, after Pian del Colle, is on a paved road. Return to the hotel and overnight stay.
A/Bardonecchia 1,338 m - B/Passo della Mulattiera 2,450 m
MTB – E-Bike
Difficulty: BC
Distance: 28.5 km
Elevation gain: 1,100 m

Day 4

After breakfast you leave for your planned itinerary: Bardonecchia- Fort Bramafam- Bardonecchia. Once you reach the hamlet of Les Arnauds (chairlift terminal) and after a possible short stop to visit the Chapel, take the Vie du Viò. Continue along the slightly sloping path through coniferous woodlands until you get to Fort Bramafam. The museum takes you on a journey into the history of the Fort, displaying items and mementos of everyday life and recreating the atmosphere of the ancient fortifications. The perfect way to remember times gone by, reliving history to get a better understanding of the past. The return journey (towards Beaulard) goes past a riding stable and a restaurant; once you reach the Beaulard campsite, return to Bardonecchia on a paved road.
Return to the hotel and overnight stay.
A/Bardonecchia 1,312 m - B/Rho Pass 1,600 m
MTB – E-Bike
Difficulty: MC
Distance: 18 km
Elevation gain: 300 m

Day 5

Check-out and end of 4-night programme.
The programme for the 7-night package continues with the Bardonecchia-Jafferau/Fregiusia-Decauville-Rochemolles-Bardonecchia hike.
Take the cable car from Piazzale della Difensiva to Fregiusia (Fregiusia can also be reached by bike). Upon arrival, follow the signs to take the Decauville Trail (closed to vehicles) - Rochemolles Dam.
Cross the dam retaining wall to walk along the left side of the reservoir until you get to Picreaux. From here you can walk to the Rifugio Scarfiotti mountain hut for a break or for a packed lunch or lunch in the hut (by reservation).
Return to Bardonecchia in the afternoon and overnight stay; A/Bardonecchia (Bacini Fregiusia) 1,312 m - B/Rifugio Scarfiotti 2,160 m
MTB - E-Bike
Difficulty: MC
Distance: 30 km
Elevation gain: 900 m

Day 6

After breakfast you leave for your planned itinerary: Bardonecchia-Sommeiller Pass (3010 m)-Bardonecchia. The hike is very demanding as it goes up to an altitude of 3000 m on a dirt track (only the first part is paved), built in 1962 to serve the summer ski lifts of the Glacier, which has now almost disappeared. Some parts of the track are in a bad state and bikes may need to be carried. The Sommeiller Pass is reminiscent of lunar landscapes, although there is still a small lake at the summit where the glacier used to be. Take the same access road to return.
Return to Bardonecchia in the afternoon and overnight stay;
A/Bardonecchia (Bacini Fregiusia) 1,312 m - B/Sommeiller Pass 2,993 m
MTB - E-Bike
Difficulty: BC
Distance: 26.8 km
Elevation gain: 1,762 m

Day 7

After breakfast you leave for your planned itinerary: Bardonecchia-Millaures-Rochemolles-Rochemolles Dam-Decauville-Bacini di Fregiusia-Pramand Military Road-Foens Fort-Mount Seguret Tunnel-Pramand Fort-Salbertrand-Bardonecchia.
The itinerary is very demanding but is full of thrills and adventures. From the village, enter the Rochemolles Valley and take the Decauville trail just before the Dam; the path is perfectly level as it was built by Italian energy company ENEL for a small railway used in the construction of the Dam. On reaching Fregiusia after about 6 km, take the Pramand military road which makes a stop at the Foens Fort. The road passes through the Mount Seguret tunnel (torches must be used as it is unlit). The Pramand fort marks the start of a long descent towards Salbertrand from where it is possible for you to return to Bardonecchia by bike or by using the train service which is equipped for transporting bikes.
A/Bardonecchia 1,312 m - B/Pramand Fort 2,162 m
MTB – E-Bike
Difficulty: BC
Distance: 44.8 km
Elevation gain: 1,463 m

Day 8

After breakfast, check-out and end of 7-night programme.



From € 365.00 for 7 nights in an apartment or aparthotel.
From € 438.00 in B&B or hotel with meals included.

The price includes:

7 nights in different types of accommodation facilities (apartments, B&B, hotels).
Bike pass (with access to ski lifts).
6 days MBT rental, including helmet.
1 Alpine Coaster ride.

The price does not include:

All extras, tourist tax. All services not specified in "The price includes" section


Single Room (30%)


Holiday formula:

Individuals, Groups

Guided tour:

On request (with supplement)

Characteristics of the offer:

From minor gradients to very challenging gradients. The mileage depends on a biker's ability: there are 10 km looped rides with minor elevation gain, and rides of over 200 km with very challenging gradients.

Equipment required richiesto:

Appropriate clothing for the activity you intend to carry out and for the environment. Protective gear and helmet for Downhill and Mountain Biking, and protective gear suitable for road cycling. Always have a map of the area with you.


We are ready to welcome you in full compliance with the guidelines and provisions envisaged for the hygiene and safety of accommodation facilities - in accordance with the Covid-19 protocol in force



Colomion Travel
Regione Molino,18
10052 Bardonecchia (TO)
+39 0122 2999284

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Sentiero Balcone della Valsusa
Sentiero Balcone della Valsusa
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