01/01/2022 - 31/12/2023


To the east of the Palude dei Mareschi are the monumental remains of the world's most important explosives factory from the 1940s. The main reason for this choice of location was indubitably the presence of hilly formations that allowed the built-up area to be protected from the effects of the explosions potentially caused by this dangerous activity.


Day 1

Visit to the remains of the world's most important 1940s explosives factory: one of the most interesting examples of industrial architecture from the turn of the century, the “Anonymous Society for the manufacture of dynamite, Nobel patent”. Through its passages and the remains of the laboratories where the materials were processed, we discover anecdotes, curiosities and the events that occurred there, accompanied by a licensed guide, in line with all the current safety protocols and standards.

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€ 9,00 (groups of 10 pax)

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guided tour: approx. 2 h

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costs of any admission fees


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Families, Groups, Individuals

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Comfortable clothes
Outdoor clothing
Trekking shoes