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Cresta Beltrando

da Castelnuovo Nigra a Frassinetto (9,70 km)
Highlights and tour details

Equipped hiking itinerary on the ridge of one of the most panoramic natural balconies overlooking the plain of Eporedo on one side, and the Gran Paradiso on the other. The watershed ridge is the border between the wild valleys of the Verdassa Stream (municipality of Frassinetto, hydrographic basin of Val Soana) and the Savenca Stream (municipality of Castelnuovo Nigra, hydrographic basin of Valchiusella).

The itinerary starts from the square of the former quartz quarry (1760 m), where the dirt road from Castelnuovo Nigra-Pian delle Nere ends; the itinerary reaches the locality of Balma di Frassinetto (1105 m), passing through Punta Rama (2439 m) and following the entire ridge between Val Verdassa and Val Savenca consisting of Punta Verzel (2406 m) Punta Prafurà, Col d'Asnì, Monte Cavallo and Punta Rama. The route is almost always along the ridge, with exposed passages equipped with fixed ropes and some steel steps where necessary; it is therefore compulsory to be equipped with the complete via ferrata kit. It is possible to divide the itinerary into two stages by staying overnight at the bivouac on the peak of Punta Rama (2439 m).
There are incomparable views over Vallone di Codebiollo (or Verdassa), the Val Savenca and the entire Gran Paradiso range, from Torre di Lavine to the Tre Levanne.
The route is for expert hikers accustomed to aerial passages and offers exciting views of the N slope of the Bella Dormiente. The two most exposed stretches are the ascent to Punta Rama from the little pass that separates it from Monte Cavallo and the descent immediately north of Punta Verzel.


Points of interest

The initial part of the itinerary, between the square of the former quartz quarry and Punta Verzel, will be equipped with illustrative panels on the geology and geomorphology of the area in association with the University of Turin, Department of Earth Sciences. Panoramic point: Punta Verzel.

Support points

Rifugio Fornetto 2200 m Bivouac in construction on Punta Rama 2439 m


From Castelnuovo Nigra take the paved municipal road for the Chapel of the Visitation, continue towards the equipped area of Pian delle Nere and continue on the dirt road which reaches the yard of the former quarry, reachable by 4X4 vehicle.

Other information

Itinerary code: CRB
Phone coverage: fair
Recommended period: June-September
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Piazzale ex-cava di quarzo
10080 Castelnuovo Nigra (TO)
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Località Balma
10080 Frassinetto (TO)
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