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Bike Around Torino: Lanzo - Avigliana

da Lanzo Torinese a Avigliana (34,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

Very beautiful route at the foot of the mountains, between the Lanzo valley and the Susa valley.

From Lanzo, you coast up and down the mountain to reach Caselette under Mount Musinè, before entering the Susa Valley and Avigliana.

The roads are mostly paved and travelled by mixed traffic, with a heavy volume of cyclists. The start, downhill, is in the direction of Cafasse and Fiano, where you start to climb again after crossing the Ceronda stream. You pass the Truc di Miola, and with climbs that are never too demanding you reach La Cassa first and then Givoletto.

After the Casternone stream, turn left in the direction of Alpignano and arrive to the entrance of the Susa valley. Continue towards Caselette, to the foot of Musinè, the mountain closest to Turin, and following part of the Val Susa cycleway head towards Almese. Before arriving at the village turn onto the cycle path Terre dell’Ovest, in an urbanised environment that leads to Avigliana.


Points of interest

0 - Lanzo railway station. Take via Roma to the left, then turn left again onto via Frasca.

0.6 - At the roundabout take via delle Valli (provincial 2), then continue right towards Cafasse and cross the Stura.

1,4 - Turn right leaving the provincial road and take the road that runs along the mountain.

3.3 – re-enters on  part of the provinciale 1 with some uphills and downhills towards Torino.

7.1 - Turn right to Fiano.

8.6 - At Fiano turn left into via Torino, and shortly afterwards turn right into via Susa (provincial road 181)which goes downhill.

10.1 - After crossing the Ceronda stream, the road begins to rise.

11.9 - Pass through the village of Truc di Miola.

13.9 - You arrive at La Cassa, which you go through by continuing on the provincial road 181.

16,8 - With various uphills and downhills you arrive at Givoletto.

17.4 - Turn right into via Brione, leaving the provincial road for a while, to return after a few hundred meters, continuing the descent.

20.4 - After the Casternone stream, turn left towards Alpignano.

21.4 - Turn right into Via Val della Torre towards Caselette.

23.9 - At Caselette, turn right onto via Roma, to continue in the direction of Almese.

24.9 - You enter the busy provincial road 24, towards Almese.

26.2 - Turn right onto the cycle road Terre Ovest  that leads to Avigliana.

29.0 - At the Milanere fraction turn left.

30.2 - Turn right on the cycle path that runs along the provincial road 24.

32.2 - Turn left onto via Almese.

33.7 - Arrive at the Avigliana train station.

Not to be missed:

Lanzo Torinese, Avigliana and, along the way, the beautiful villages of Fiano, La Cassa, Givoletto and Caselette, and the pleasant uphills and downhills that connect them.


Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
10074 Lanzo Torinese (TO)
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10051 Avigliana (TO)
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districts passed through
Almese, Avigliana, Caselette, Lanzo Torinese, Val della Torre
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