Albergo della Ceramica

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For more than two hundred years, the characteristic profile of the roofs tells the story of this ancient building in the centre of Villanova Mondovi, in the shade of centuries-old fir trees and looking towards the medieval citadel of Villavecchia. It is the history of the ceramics of Mondovì and of its colourful crockery, between the 19th and the 20th century. The elegant cobalt blue décor echo today in the ten rooms of the Ceramica Hotel under the brick vaults of the spinning mill of the early 19th century that has become an elegant hotel. An environment in which past and present blend harmoniously, where the polychrome dishes on the walls cohabitate with the most modern technologies, and the yellowish photographs of the decorators well-matched to the elegant furnishings. The Ceramica Hotel is both pleasure of hospitality and passion for beautiful things, in search of a discreet balance between nature and charm. A harmony that is found in the silence of the evening, among the old ceramics, its faded memories and the bell tower of Santa Margherita. The same charm has remained for more than two centuries.

Address and contacts
via XX Settembre, 2
12089 Villanova Mondovì (CN)

Telephone number: +39 (0174) 597.331 +39 333 488.1746