Sentiero Balcone Monregalese

da Niella Tanaro a Pianfei (104,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

The Sentiero Balcone Monregalese is a hiking itinerary that combines a series of already existing routes that are interesting from a tourist, naturalistic and cultural point of view.

The context is varied and is characterised by extensive areas of alpine landscapes and more limited, flat and hilly areas. It goes from a minimum altitude of 305 metres (Niella Tanaro) to the maximum altitude of 2382 metres a.s.l. of Mount Mondolè.

The valleys are furrowed by numerous brooks and waterways, which are mostly streams and tributaries of the main rivers: Ellero, Maudagna, Corsaglia, Casotto, Roburentello, and Tanaro.

Along the route are important naturalistic, geological, anthropic and historical-artistic sights, which are directly connected to the itinerary or can be reached with short detours, among which:

•          Bossea caves in Val Corsaglia,

•          Caudano and Dossi caves in val Maudagna,

•          alpine karst system,

•          alpine system of theLigurian Alps

•          Lake of Pianfei,

•          the ancient "Certosa di Casotto" (Royal palace and hunting lodge of King Victor Emanuel II) ,

•          Sanctuary of Vicoforte,

•          the system of archaeological sites of the Monregalesi Valleys (among the most important: Montaldo Mondovì, Monasterolo Casotto, Roburent), which also continue in Valle Tanaro, Valle Mongia and Valle Pesio.

•          a rich network of Chapels and Shrines scattered throughout the territory;

•          the unique and most attractive historical town centres in the lower and upper valley - including Mondovì Piazza, Prea in Valle Ellero, Villavecchia in Villanova Mondovì, la Prà in Roburent, Fontane in Val Corsaglia, the centre of Pamparato and the village of Valcasotto in Valle Casotto;

•          the numerous alpine villages and scattered buildings that are important testimonies of the local building tradition - including the enclosed rooftop villages of Val Corsaglia, Val Maudagna and Valle Ellero.

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valli Monregalesi
Itinerary code: SBM
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Località I Fornelli
12060 Niella Tanaro (CN)
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Lago di Pianfei
12080 Pianfei (CN)
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