The Raschera loop

Frabosa Soprana (60,00 km)
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Raschera is an exquisite cheese which has been awarded DOP status. It originated here, on the pastures of Alpi Raschera, in the municipality of MAGLIANO ALPI, the only one divided in two: lowland and mountain. Its secret is genuine grass that produces special milk. The tour can start from the car park of the Bossea Caves (825m), in Val Corsaglia, to climb, by a paved road, to FONTANE (950m) the most southern Piedmontese Occitan village, where a version of Kyè (meaning “man”), an Occitan dialect, a mix of French, Spanish and Italian, so appreciated by Dante, is still spoken! The ethnographic museum of the Vinai Family and the Baroque parish church of San Bartolomeo are very well preserved. We climb a paved road, between impervious rocks and spectacular views, to the ruins of Stalle La Penna at 1.470 m, and then continue for the resort of PRATO NEVOSO. A little before arriving to the large square of Colle del Prel (stop-off place at 1615 m). From here, we will cross Prato Nevoso and descend to Fabrosa Sottana on provincial road SP 237 and then SP 183 to climb to Fabrosa Soprana. Then we will return to Val Corsaglia along a beautiful paved road, the SP 183, immersed in the woods, with “11 bends” passing through the village of STRALUZZO. Corsaglia (698m) is a stop-off place to admire the bridge, and the flavours of the local restaurant. From here, we return to the departure point of Bossea, with the possibility of a trip to the hamlet of PRA DI ROBURENT (1018m), which can also be reached from the delightful location of Scarrone (accessible near the cemetery of Corsaglia), or from the easier Zitella road, at the next crossroads.

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Bossea Caves

BOSSEA, the first Italian tourist cave, was opened to the public in 1​874, enjoying immediate national and international fame and a large influx of visitors.


This site has given way to subterranean tourism in Italy and the study and culture of the karst environment have had a strong impetus. There was a great revival of the cave in 1948, with the renewal of the visit itinerary and the installation of the first electric lighting system.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
Bossea, 10
12082 Frabosa Soprana (CN)
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districts passed through
Frabosa Soprana, Frabosa Sottana
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