Alessandria & Borsalino, not just a story about hats: by bike to discover the sites connected to the great Italian fashion brand

Alessandria (30,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

The Borsalino Route is a tribute to Giuseppe Borsalino, a great businessman and patron, whose name has always been in the hearts of the people of Alessandria for having brought the town to international prominence thanks to the creation of the symbol of Alessandria par excellence: the Borsalino Hat.

Setting off from the very beautiful Palazzo Rosso of Piazza della Libertà in Alessandria, we cycle a short distance along Via San Giacomo della Vittoria (onto which faces the historic Galleria Guerci) before turning right into Via Modena.

Having cycled a short section of Via Modena, we will arrive to the main street of Alessandria, Corso Roma. There are shops along the entire Corso, including the historic shop of Borsalino hats, present since the story of the hat began.

Having reached the end of Corsa Roma, we will be opposite the scenic Piazza Garibaldi next to the public gardens (inside, we can admire the old aqueduct which Borsalino had built) and the palazzo with the clock, age-old property of Borsalino, is impossible to miss. Having completed the entire perimeter (half-way, you will see Via Lanza which is home to the former Borsalino Boarding School) of the piazza we will enter Corso 100 Cannoni where, at the crossroads with Via Cavour, we will see the Amedeo Avogadro University on the right. The university was once a  wing of the former Borsalino factory. On the left, there is Villa Borsalino/Usuelli

We return to Piazza della Libertà ater having cycled all of Via Cavour and, from here, we will proceed down all of Via Mazzini, setting off from the impressive Palazzo delle Poste. The route continues along a continuous straight line on Viale Milite Ignoto (at the end of Via Mazzini, going passed the roundabout), which will continue with the crossing of the River Tanaro at km 4.4 and after the bridge, we will turn immediately right in the direction of Valle San Bartolomeo. Having reached the village, at the crossroads we will turn right in the direction of Montecastello/PietraMarazzi, cycle the road for 1.4 km and then turn left into Via della Curetta. From this point, the route starts to climb along the side of the hill and after 1.4 km we will reach the top of the hill to turn first right and then immediately left where we will find ourselves on a long descent that is a little steep (strada San Defendente). This will take us to the village of Pietra Marazzi. From the centre of the village, we will turn left into Via San Boniforte and arrive immediately in Strada Comunale Bricchi, a beautiful scenic road that offers diverse and truly picturesque views. At a certain point, the asphalt road leaves room to the dirt road and after passing close to a stables (at km 11.9) we will be back on the asphalt road at the first crossroad in Strada della Serra (at km 12.7). We will turn right and after approximately 300 metres, we will arrive at another crossroad. Here, we will take the country road in front of us (continuation of Strada della Serra) and cycle it to the end for 1.4 km.

We will back on asphalt at km 14.6. Here, we will turn right in the direction of Pecetto, where Giuseppe Borsalino was born. In the village, we will follow directions for the centre in Piazza Italia, where the town hall is located. In the centre of the square (very close to Via del Castello where Giuseppe Borsalino was born), we will find the statute dedicated to the illustrious character who is famous worldwide. Our journey to return to Alessandria starts here. From the piazza, we will follow the directions for the sports field and once passed the nursery school on our right,we will go left into Strada del Gabbiano, a delightful dirt road uphill which we will cycle to the end. Close to the crossroads with the asphalt road, we will continue straight on down the road in front of us on Strada Citerna until we reach the bottom to Strada Coggiola Falamera that we will follow turning left. Arrived at the stop at the top of the road we will turn right along the road downhill which we will follow for approximately 800 m before abandoning the road and turning right (into a road which we will find after a long bush) in Via Valmigliaro. After approx. 1.4 km, close to a big tourist sports centre, we will abandon Via Valmigliaro to take the dirt road that starts on our left close to the bend.

The dirt road just taken is approximately 700 metres long and stops in Via Profumati that we will take turning left and, at km. 24.6, we will turn first left into Strada Cerca and then (after approximately 4000 metres) right into Via dei Preti. At km 26.5 (exactly at the end of Via Preti), we will be in front of the Teresio Borsalino rehabilitation centre. Turning left, we will cross the River Tanaro again to cycle along Viale Milite Ignoto once again. Then, after the second roundabout, we will turn right onto Piazza Divina Provvidenza where we will find the homonymous institute built thanks also to the patronage of Teresio Borsalino, Giuseppe's son. The route is about to end and, after turning left into Via Donizetti we will cycle Via Guasco that will take us back to Piazza della Libertà. Before getting off the bike for good, it is an absolute must to stop in Piazza Santa Maria del Castello. We will reach it by deviating to the right half way down Via Guasco along Via Schiavina, where the amazing story of Giuseppe Borsalino began more than 150 years ago in a small workshop! By IVAN REITANO

Points of interest

Palazzo Rosso - Piazza della Libertà- Alessandria
Palazzo Ghilini- Piazza della Libertà - Alessandria
Palazzo delle Poste and mosaic by Severini - Piazza della Libertà - Alessandria
Palatium Vetus - Piazza della Libertà - Alessandria
"ACDB" Bicycle Museum c/o Palazzo Monferrato - Via San Giacomo della Vittoria - Alessandria
Galleria Guerci (between Via San Giacomo della Vittoria and Via San Lorenzo)
Church of Santa Maria del Carmine - Via Guasco Alessandria
Church of Santa maria del Castello - Piazza Santa Maria del castello-Alessandria
Historic Borsalino shop in Corso Roma - Alessandria
Borsalino Aqueduct - Public gardens (side of Corso Crimea) - Alessandria
Former Borsalino Boarding School - (current traffic policemen headquarters) - Via Lanza- Alessandria
Piazza Garibaldi
Wing of the historic Borsalino factory (today seat of the Amedeo Avogadro University)- Via Cavour (corner of Corso 100 cannoni)
Villa Borsalino/Usuelli - Via Cavour - Alessandria
Borsalino Rehabilitation Centre - (Former Borsalino sanatorium) - Piazzale Ravazzoni 3- Alessandria
Istituto Divina Provvidenza  Teresa Michel - Piazza Divina Provvidenza Alessandria
Statue of Giuseppe Borsalino - Piazza Italia - Pecetto
Fort of Pecetto with botanical garden and astronomic park - Pecetto



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piazza Libertà
1512x Alessandria (AL)
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Alessandria, Pecetto di Valenza, Pietra Marazzi
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