Biella Valsesia Vercelli

The hills around Biella

Biella (56,90 km)
Highlights and tour details

The characteristic of this route is the beauty of the views over the plain, starting from Sordevolo, a pleasant hillside village where the "Passion of Christ" is staged every four years, thanks to the population who for that occasion transform themselves into a talented folk theatre company renowned throughout Europe.
Another enchanting place worth visiting is Zumaglia Castle, situated on the top of a hill amidst the varied flora of a beautiful park.

Km. Place Information
0,0 Biella - Departure in Via Lamarmora opposite the ATL Tourist Information Office, westbound. Recommended car park: Biella station - Camper van area with loading/unloading.
2,4 Occhieppo Inferiore - At the traffic lights: Right towards Occhieppo Superiore.  
3,3 Occhieppo Superiore - Towards Sordevolo.  
7,7 Towards Pollone. Panoramic road.
5,9 Sordevolo crossroads - At km 7.7 towards Pollone. Lovely hilly village of Sordevolo where the "Passion of Christ" is staged in the amphitheatre.
10,7 Pollone - Right Beautiful panorama over the plain.
10,9 Right downhill Burcina Park Nature Reserve
11,4 Towards Biella.  
12,1 Biella-Vandorno - At km 13.7 left towards Pralungo. Be careful at km 15: dangerous crossroads; turn right towards the city of Biella. At Km 15.1: fountain
13,7 Left towards Prolungo.  
15,0 Right towards Biella; immediately after left towards Pralungo. Dangerous crossroads. Fountain
15,7 Pralungo - At km 16.4, straight on at the traffic lights towards Tollegno. At km 16.6 right always towards Tollegno.  
16,4 Straight on for Tollegno.  
16,6 Right  
17,6 Tollegno  
18,2 Left; at the next roundabout, right towards Andorno.  
20,3 Straight on for Andorno  
20,7 Right towards Callabiana.  
25,0 Right towards Pettinengo.  
28,6 Right towards Zumaglia.  
31,3 Left towards Ronco.  
42,7 Ronco Biellese
Left towards Valdengo.
At Km 40.3 detour for the Brich Nature Reserve of Zumaglia.
At Ronco Terracotta Ecomuseum
45,6 Right towards Valdengo-Vigliano  
49,5 Right towards Ronco  
52,0 Left towards Biella  
54,0 Right towards Biella  
56,9 Biella - arrival Arrival in Via Lamarmora - ATL
Points of interest

Sordevolo - Museum of the Passion of Christ

Pollone - Burcina Nature Reserve

Pettinengo - Cells of the Museum Network: Children's Museum, Museum of Acquasantini, Migration Museum

Zumaglia - Nature Reserve of the Brich Zumaglia and castle

Ronco Biellese - Ecomuseum of Terracotta

All tourist information on the Local Tourist Office of the Biella area - ATL Biella


Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
via Lamarmora
Fronte Ufficio Turistico ATL Biella
13900 Biella (BI)
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