Alessandria and Monferrato

From the Dolci Terre to the Langhe - 3

da Canelli a Alba (41,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

The route starts from the town of Canelli. Continue in the direction of Santo Stefano Belbo along a secondary road, also known as Robini. Cross over the bridge over the Belbo towards Cassinasco, and then turn right a few meters before the main entrance to Cantine Gancia (Gancia winery).

After passing the level crossing, turn right and continue in the direction of Santo Stefano Belbo. A series of hills for about 5 km leads to the village of Santo Stefano. Cross the main square and head in the direction of Alba, but just past the bridge over the Belbo, turn left towards Valdivilla.

The quiet, secondary road begins to climb for about 6 km, followed by a series of hairpin bends amongst the vineyards of Moscato, alternating with uphill stretches, at times quite challenging. Once you reach the top of the hill, descend a few hundred meters to the village of Valdivilla, then climb again to Mango, the highest point of the route (527 m).

From here, a 360-degree view of the Langhe hills, cultivated with vineyards in incredibly perfect lines. A long descent then leads us to the village of Borgonovo. At the crossing, turn left in the direction of Alba.

A short climb along a busy road (be careful) and then, at the roundabout, turn left in the direction of Tre Stelle. The road climbs gently for about 4 km until you cross the town of Gavello, after which a crossroads indicates the directions of Barbaresco on the right.

A visit of the village perched on the hill with a beautiful medieval tower is a must. When you have finished in Barbaresco, retrace your steps for about one km in the opposite direction along the same track and then continue in the direction of Tre Stelle along a downhill stretch.

Continuing in the direction of Alba, we pass Pertinace where we will find the last hill of the day and then after a couple of km, we reach the hometown of chocolate (spread) and truffles.

Points of interest

Canelli: Gancia Castle, Underground Cathedrals of Canelli, La sternia, Winehouse
Santo Stefano Belbo: Cesare Pavese Foundation.
Barbaresco: The tower, Castle and Regional Winehouse
Alba: Alba underground, Association for the Centre of study of literature, history, art and culture Beppe Fenoglio. 

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Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
14053 Canelli (AT)
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12051 Alba (CN)
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districts passed through
Alba, Barbaresco, Canelli
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