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Museo del Risorgimento e Museo della Divisione Italiana Partigiana Garibaldi


In 2012, the Museum of the Risorgimento was reopened to citizens and tourists in Palazzo Ottolenghi of Asti, which faces onto Corso Alfieri. An important event with the intent of returning to the city the Risorgimento collection devised and put together by the meritorious Leonetto Ottolenghi from Asti in 1898, enlarged in 1932 with the donations of the heirlooms constituting the "War Museum". It moved home five times among the various palazzi of Asti, before it was finally dismantled and archived in 1984. From the Risorgimento rooms (on the ground floor) you can descend directly into the bomb shelter, also painstakingly recovered. In this area, capable of communicating strong emotions, a film retraces the history of the bomb shelters and the events of Asti during the war. Going back up into the display rooms in the first level basement, a series of educational panels and display cases completes the history of the City in the First and Second World War. In setting up the Museum, special attention was paid to disabled visitors: a multimedia station and two visual-tactile stations illustrate what is visible on the basement levels and a short film proposes a virtual visit of the bomb shelter and of the rooms on the first level basement. Opening times to the public: November to March: Saturday and Sunday and public holidays: 10 am - 1 pm and 3pm - 6 pm April to October: Saturday and Sunday and public holidays: 10 am - 1 pm and 4 pm - 7 pm Website:

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corso Alfieri, 350
palazzo Ottolenghi
14100 Asti (AT)

Telephone number: +39 (0141) 399.555 +39 (0141) 399.489 +39 (0141) 399.466
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Via del Mare Astigiano (VMA)
Via del Mare Astigiano (VMA)
Langhe Monferrato e Roero / da Isola d'Asti a Montegrosso d'Asti
  • 61,80 km
  • 15 hr 50 min
  • 190 m
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From Langa to Monferrato (LAM)
From Langa to Monferrato (LAM)
Langhe Monferrato e Roero / da Montegrosso d'Asti a Coazzolo
  • 33,70 km
  • 8 hr
  • 40 m
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