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Cocconato, wrote Indro Montanelli on Il Giornale, is the ideal prototype of a town. A perfect reason to come and visit and it is also home to the prototype of agriturismo. A delightful location, right next to Conbipel, able to enhance the products of the territory, putting them on show in its own internal shop: the structure also offers overnight accommodation in beautiful bedrooms. Cocconato is a town of wine, cheese and, most recently, chocolate. Once settled in one of the lovely dining rooms, the menu arrives, offering dishes that use local and seasonal ingredients. The starters include good cooked and cured salami, locally produced fresh and smooth Robiola cheese, an excellent giardiniera (pickled vegetables) and the rabbit roulade with apple and potato tartare. The first course includes the highly recommended agnolotti del plin, but the maltagliati with nettles and bacon or the tajarin with sausage sauce are just as delicious. Don’t miss out on the guinea fowl with vegetable cream or stuffed veal pocket, always in servings that are more than satisfactory. And if there is rabbit, the celebration will be great. We move on to the desserts, which are a selection of cheeses, before the trio of sweets based on strawberry cake, coffee bavarois and panna cotta. The formula of the menu suits all needs and budgets: from the complete canonical one, to the plate and dessert.

Address and contacts
via liprandi, 50
14023 Cocconato (AT)

Telephone number: +39 0141 907857
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Romanesque between hills and castles
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