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This is one our favourite trattorias. The standards here are very high, thanks also to the transmission of culinary knowledge across three generations who have worked elbow to elbow. We are in an isolated Apennine village and yet the Milano family have never stood still. Prestigious painters have stopped off here and the paintings they left in exchange for food are still hanging on the walls of the dining area. The accommodation is still here, a sign of the traces of this village as a tourist destination. A picture-postcard village, beautiful in all seasons, as many times as each one should consider sitting at this table. Incredible wines will arrive, taken from the best of Piedmont wine production, true passion of Massimo who, together with his wife Federica and his parents, continues the myth of the Hunters. Now, before listing the dishes, let us close our eyes to recite from memory what is truly unmissable: the stuffed courgette, mushroom risotto, roast Roccaverano kid with potatoes, and the shortcrust pastry tart that is simply divine. The meal will open with an exceptional focaccia to accompany the cured salami or the Parma ham seasoned 26 months or the hot and cold starters (€16 for five tastings): baked pepper with salted anchovies, stuffed courgette flower; St. Peter’s herb omelette and the “mythical” baked courgette stuffed with meat. On to the first course (€11), and it is the turn of the excellent meat and vegetable ravioli served with various sauces, or of the tagliolini with mushrooms or fresh tomato, garlic and parsley. The main course (€17) includes the other mythical dish of our choice, the chicken cacciatora, which in season is served with the fried mushrooms. Why not try the farm-raised rabbit with olives and pine kernels or the goat’s cheese? The desserts (€7), the vanilla ice cream with chocolate and the coffee panna cotta, are delicious.

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via Moreno, 30
15015 Cartosio (AL)

Telephone number: +39 (0143) 648.986 +39 0144 40123