Cuneo Alps and Alta Langa hills
A variety of landscapes to be experienced

The province of Cuneo is an area of varying landscapes, characterised by unique cultural, artistic, gastronomic and folkloristic traditions. It is historically a place of major cultural and commercial exchanges between Italy and France. It comprises a vast land that extends from mountainous and maritime areas to the Po Valley.

Over the centuries, the numerous routes used for the trade of salt and agricultural products have left their mark on the area, as have the paths taken by shepherds, pilgrims and travellers, creating a veritable crossroads of routes, paths and mule tracks. Partially abandoned over time, these roads today provide an invaluable  heritage of low-traffic, paved and unpaved roads, to be experienced and explored even on horseback.

Starting out from the town of Cuneo, the area embraces the Ligurian, Maritime and Southern Cottian Alps and ends at Monviso which, at an altitude of 3,841 m, is a great tourist attraction in both summer and winter. The Cuneo Alps are the ideal setting for numerous outdoor activities, where walks for families can be organised as well as more challenging walks for experienced hikers.

This area also comprises the rolling hills of Alta Langa, where you can enjoy unspoiled nature, good local food - such as cheese and hazelnuts - and the artistic and historical heritage in the form of authentic castles and villages that have remained unchanged over time.

Alba, the beating heart of the Langa, is the entry point into another world of outstanding landscapes and areas to explore, where nature can be experienced through a wide range of outdoor activities, from trekking to off-road cycling.

It is impossible to pick just one itinerary, there are opportunities for unique experiences to suit all tastes: from discovering the “Nocciola Piemonte PGI” (Piemonte hazelnut) in Cortemilia and Cravanzana, to visiting the majestic castles in Prunetto and Saliceto, from sampling tasty "Murazzano PDO" cheese in the homonym locality, to experiencing the wonders of Bossolasco, with its rose festival; the charm of places such as the stone village of Bergolo, and Paroldo, which conceals the secrets of the Piemontese witches known as Masche, and the villages of Monesiglio and Mombarcaro, from which you can see the sea on clear days.

Each village is a world unto itself, a microcosm to explore and in which to enjoy the simplicity of everyday life. Whichever route you choose, you will always find scenery to fill your heart and eyes with wonder.