Outdoor activities between Italy and France

Trekking & Biking in Piemonte

From the Alps to the sea
The great outdoors between Italy & France

The area along the border between Italy and France is full of stunning scenery just waiting to be explored. From Mont Blanc to the Côte d'Azur and to the Ligurian Riviera, from Italy to France and through the Torino and Cuneo valleys and the Alta Langa hills, it is a land of majestic peaks, pristine lakes, rolling hills, crystal clear seas, spectacular landscapes and breath-taking paths.

The area between Italy and France provides a wealth of different settings and backdrops that are ideal for the development of outdoor tourism, offering an extensive network of experiences, hikes and activities to be enjoyed unconfined in the great outdoors. With such a wide variety of opportunities, this area is truly the great outdoors, offering a new way of doing tourism through an "experiential" approach to nature and an integrated offer that combines sport, good food, cultural heritage and the discovery of local traditions.

We are talking about a vast, uninterrupted area that is united by deep trans-regional ties. These ties make it possible to combine environments and traditions from different but adjacent cultures, and to multiply experiences and opportunities for personal enrichment. Through an extensive network of joint initiatives between France and Italy, the area is ideal for fans of outdoor activities and can offer adventures to satisfy all tastes, even the most demanding, such as trekking, climbing, cycling, hiking in parks or along scenic routes, rafting and fishing. Sporting activities are combined with cultural routes and the discovery of the deep connection between different traditions, in a place where it is possible to embrace Italian and French heritage, both rich in history and charm. France and Italy together with a single goal: to make the most of the geographical and cultural wealth of the great outdoors, to offer a fresh perspective on nature and on tourism which is experiential, sustainable and within everyone's reach.

From the Alps to the Apennines
Outdoor activities in Piemonte

How many ways can you experience the Piemontese Alps?

In the region where the Alps rise in all their majesty, the area also incorporates a charming section of the Apennines along the strip overlooking Liguria. Various mountain areas can be explored, from the high peaks of the Torinese to Monviso, from Monte Rosa to the Ossola and Biellese crests, all very different but all united by the same welcoming spirit and a passion for outdoor activities.

With 43% of its territory made up of mountains, Piemonte has all the requisites to meet the various needs of people who love to explore spectacular locations and who seek a deep bond with nature, which is capable of instilling a strong sense of well-being and energy. A prerequisite in such areas is an open approach to the mountains, an ability to understand its most authentic aspects. An abundance of activities and pastimes, all enriched by a thousand-year history, by the art and the cuisine of Alpine towns and villages that never cease to surprise with their hidden gems and tasty treats.

An extensive network of itineraries and routes provides countless adventures to be enjoyed in complete safety, including easy hikes and more challenging treks, cycle paths and rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking on bubbling streams, walking and horse-riding. For photography buffs, the Alpine villages, the peaks and the wildlife all make perfect subjects with a clear visual impact. Enthusiasts of all kinds will be able to discover the aspects of mountain life that still retain their true spirit.

From the Alps to the sea<br />
The great outdoors between Italy & France