Waldensian Valley Loop (AVV) Stage 6: Conca del Prà - Barbara Lowrie Refuge

Bobbio Pellice (12,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

Follow the dirt road from Ciabot del Pra that crosses the plain (trail sign 116), skirts the alpine pastures of Partia d'Amount (1743 m) and begins to climb from the bottom of the basin towards the peaks, passing through Pian Sineive (2050 m), where there is a memorial plaque for the military plane that crashed there in 1957. Continue the ascent along the path, crossing the stream (deviation to the left for Lago del Mal Consej) and tackling a steep series of zig-zags on the arid ridge called "donkey's back, with which you exceed 300 m of difference in height, arriving at Rifugio "Battaglione Alpini Monte Granero" (2377 m). From here it is also possible to continue for a short stretch along path 116A to see Lago Lungo (2356 m). Continue on path 116, which climbs towards the east, keeping to the left of a vast basin of detritus and scree, leading close to the small Lago Nero (2567 m) and then to Colle Manzol (2663 m) above, from where you can look out over Valle dei Carbonieri. From the pass, take path 112 that descends to Rifugio Barbara Lowrie (1756 m), across a long detrital slope characterised by the presence of large boulders, and continues on a practically flat mule track that goes across the mountainside, dominating a nice little meadowy valley. The path crosses several branches of a stream in a small valley, cuts through the larch trees across the mountainside and reaches a pass. It then descends across a grassy slope with hairpin bends to reach a waterfall and the Grange del Pis (1768 m). Rifugio Granero and Lago Lungo are also an excellent destination for those who don’t follow the itinerary and only make a day trip (4.15-hour ascent from Villanova).

Points of interest

Pian Sineive, Lago Lungo, Lago Nero, Colle Manzol, Cascata delle Grange del Pis waterfall

Support points

Willy Jervis Refuge, Ciabot del Prà Refuge, Agriturismo Catalin, Battaglione Alpini Monte Granero Refuge, Barbara Lowrie Refuge


The Barbara Lowrie Refuge can be reached by own means departing from Villar Pellice and the Conca del Prà leaving the car in Villanova and travelling the trail to the Conca (2-hour walk)

Other information

Source: Unione Montana del Pinerolese
Itinerary code: AVV
Phone coverage: Poor coverage by all operators
Recommended period: Summer period
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Conca del Prà
10060 Bobbio Pellice (TO)
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Rifugio Barbara Lowrie
10060 Bobbio Pellice (TO)
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