Waldensian Valley Loop (AVV) Stage 3: Colle Vaccera - Alpe Caougis

da Angrogna a Villar Pellice (15,30 km)
Highlights and tour details

Balcone della Val d’Angrogna is a picturesque, characteristic and satisfying stage. From colle della Vaccera descend approximately 200 m on the paved road to take a dirt road to the right, Waymark 150A, indications “Anello Balcone della Val d’Angrogna”, which takes to Bagnau (1456 m) and continues to Criuliro (1600 m). Just beyond the farmhouses leave the dirt road to follow a comfortable mule track, Waymark 137 which takes to the dilapidated farmhouses of Alpe Souiran (1699 m); continue west on flat ground crossing rough grazing lands, go around several small valleys that furrow the steep south-east side of Monte Gran Truc. After a long and picturesque area halfway up the slope, go up a steep slope strewn with alder bushes with narrow zigzags, eventually reaching Alpe Infernet (1990 m). From here with a detour we can climb on a trail that is not very demanding to Colle dell’Infernet (2270 m) and then to the top of Monte Gran Truc (2366 m). The itinerary continues from Alpe Infernet halfway up the slope below Monte Freidur to reach 2230 m of Giournalet, highest and most panoramic point of the entire balcony trail. On slight ups and downs and crossing some gullies, pass close to the huts of Alpe Sparvira (2034 m), where there is a spring, and after a short descent arrive to Alpe della Sella Vecchia (2004 m) to meet trail 139 which arrives from Pradeltorno. From here, it is possible to climb to the lake of Sella Vecchia and to Passo del Roux (2832 m). The itinerary follows the signage of route 139, which descends towards Alpe Sella (1975 m) but before arriving at the pasture, it continues to the right where trail 139A begins towards Colle Chiot del Cavallo (2234 m). From here, descend towards the “Vallone degli Invicibili” along trail 129 as far as Alpe Caougis, where we find a municipal Bivouac.

Points of interest

Ca d’la Pais, Colle Vaccera, loc. Bagnoou, Monte Gran Truc, Colle dell’Infernet, locality of Giournalet

Support points

Jumarre Refuge, Vaccera Refuge, Agriturismo Monte Servin, Caugis Bivouac


It is possible to reach Colle Vaccera with your owns means of transport.

Other information

Source: Unione Montana del Pinerolese
Itinerary code: AVV
Phone coverage: Vodafone: 80% coverage - Tim 80% coverage
Recommended period: Summer period
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Colle Vaccera
10060 Angrogna (TO)
see on map
Alpe Caougis
10060 Villar Pellice (TO)
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