Via dei Briganti: Stage 1B Crossroad stage 1 - Ferrere historic centre

Ferrere (1,70 km)
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At the end of stage 1,at the village of Ferrere, we can take this variant 1B that leads to the oldest part of the concentricat the top of the hill from which you can enjoy  excellent views. This stretch is also called dead's route, because in the past it was the road that connected the cemetery with the historic center characterized by the massive presence of the castle, now the town hall. Ferrere, whose first information dates back to the eleventh century, originally even had two castles, one of which is still visible while the second, called Castelrosso, has undergone profound changes in the eighteenth century by Filippo Castelli.

Other information

Source: Comunità Collinare Valtriversa
Itinerary code: VBR
Recommended period: All year round
Provinces crossed: Langhe Monferrato e Roero

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Bivio tappa 1
14012 Ferrere (AT)
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14012 Ferrere (AT)
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