Val Varaita Trekking: Stage 9 Borgata Rore - Melle

da Sampeyre a Melle (15,10 km)
Highlights and tour details

Leaving the Hotel degli Amici behind us, we cross the bridge over the Rore river and cross the village following the carriage road until we reach the nearby provincial road. At a sharp right turn, a signposted path will allow us to cross the busy road by using a quirky underpass. Following the paved road to the right, we cross the bridge over the stream Varaita and, keeping left at the first junction to the village of Giarassi, we keep right at the second to reach the village of Cugnet. We then follow the mule track that goes up in the middle of the houses and continue in the wooded area. After a flatter stretch, we cross the road that connects the two groups of "meire" of Lusiero, so called because they are near a zone of quarries for "lause", which are typical flagstones for roofs. We continue uphill passing the homonymous shrine (dated 1723, it is the oldest recorded in the area) in a beautiful beech wood until we reach the forest track that we have to take to the left until S. Maurizio. We turn right onto the asphalted carriageway that passes next to the church, cross the upper part of the still inhabited hamlet and continue on the old mule track that leads to the village of Vittone. We continue on the flat until the Rio Fraule and cross it keeping to the path until the meire Infernet, and then to the Tre Meire. We continue along the via d'la Crous and arrive at the Pilone del Chiot shrine and then to the Pilun d'la Baisa shrine. We keep to the dirt road reaching the village of Giusiani. From here we take the old village road Ballatori, passing by three votive shrines and arriving at the village of Norastra. We continue the descent alternating between carriageway and mule track to the centre of the village of Melle.

Points of interest

The farms in Melle are specialised in the production of  Tomin dal Mel, the best-known cheese in the valley - the votive shrines (the most ancient one along this path dates to 1723)

Support points

The village of Rore:grocery stores, Melle:bakers, bars, ice-cream parlour


From Strada Provinciale della Valle Varaita road, follow directions for Rore

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Varaita
Itinerary code: VVT
Recommended period: spring-summer-autumn
Devotional interest: Yes
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Notes on public transport
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Borgata Rore
12020 Sampeyre (CN)
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12020 Melle (CN)
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