Val Varaita Trekking: Stage 7 Borgata Chiesa - Meira Garneri

da Bellino a Sampeyre (15,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the square we enter the hamlet and go down to the bridge that takes us over the provincial road, we cross it and go up to Mas del Bernard. We pass the hamlet and go down to Ribiera. We pass through the hamlet and keep to the path that continues along the hillside and then climbs up the asphalt road. We cross it and pass Posterle Superiore. Shortly after Posterle Inferiore, we descend to the right towards Casteldelfino, pass the ruins of the castle and reach the church of S.Eusebio, with its beautiful bell tower. We turn right and, past the bridge, on the left, we stay on the dirt road that goes down next to the Varaita stream leading us to Torrette. From the centre of the hamlet we follow the signs for Tenou, going up partly on a path and partly on a dirt road, passing through groups of huts and small hamlets. The climb is very pleasant in spring, when you are surrounded by a sea of flowering daffodils. We pass the little church with the Tenou portico and continue on the dirt road towards Fondovet, passing through a spectacular pine forest of silver fir. Near Fondovet we cross the path that connects Calchesio with the Colle di Sampeyre pass. We climb in the direction of Colle di Sampeyre until we find a fork to the left with the sign for the Rifugio Meira Garneri. We follow the path with notmuch difference in height and reach the refuge.

Points of interest

Little Romanesque church of S. Eusebio with belfry; hamlet of Torrette, del Té'nou dwellings, spring blossoms, silver fir pine forest

Support points

Borgata Chiesa. GTA stop-off point del Pelvo. Casteldelfino: grocery stores Rifugio Meira Garneri


From the Strada Provinciale della Valle Varaita, junction at Casteldelfino for Bellino, carry on to the junction for the village of Chiesa. Access to Rifugio Meira Garnieri from the Provinciale della Valle Varaita road, junction at Sampeyre for Colle di Sampeyre, Vallone S. Anna.

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Varaita
Itinerary code: VVT
Recommended period: spring-summer-autumn-winter with snowshoes
Historical interest: Yes
Devotional interest: Yes
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Notes on public transport
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Borgata Chiesa
12020 Bellino (CN)
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Meira Garneri
12020 Sampeyre (CN)
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