Val Varaita Trekking: Stage 6 Chianale - Borgata Chiesa

da Pontechianale a Bellino (19,90 km)
Highlights and tour details

We depart from the centre of Chianale: we are in front of the fountain, with the road that goes straight on passing in front of the GTA Laghi Blu stage stop-off place. Next to the fountain is the beautiful church of S. Antonio, the stone bridge and, on the other side, the parish church of San Lorenzo. We pass the bridge towards the parish church and take the first little road on the left. A nice dirt road continues on the flat and takes us to the pastures downstream of the village of Chianale and soon becomes a path. We are descending towards Pontechianale on the Crotto path. The path is pleasant and crosses a series of gullies: be careful in spring when some snow remains! We continue with some ascents and descents and arrive in the valley of Fiutrusa. Here we encounter a path that, going uphill on the right, leads to colle di Fiutrusa, or to Colle del Bondormir. We turn left and go down, cross the little bridge and go up again. We are on the provincial road just below Rifugio Savigliano. We go down and turn at the first road on the right, arriving next to the town hall of Pontechianale. We continue slightly downhill and turn right to cross the bridge that leads us to the beginning of the path that runs along the lake and starts on our left. We follow it for a few metres, until we come across the first gully. Here a sign indicates Colle della Battagliola on the right. We take the path that ascends in the meadow, cross the gully and start to go up in the pinewood. Here the path is well marked and climbs with a regular gradient, so we quickly gain altitude. The pine forest disappears near the top and with a long traverse to the left we are on Colle della Battagliola. From here the view is enchanting: the lake of Pontechianale below us, the beautiful Monviso, the valley opening towards the plain and the valley of Bellino on the other side, with Pelvo d'Elva overlooking it. Going down, the path becomes almost immediately a dirt road and passes by the white cross of Punta del Cavallo. There are two alternatives for the descent: follow the dirt road or take the path. If we decide to keep to the road, we descend to the hamlet of Bals and the asphalt road. From here we go up for about a hundred metres and then turn left passing through the hamlet of Pleyne. We cross the bridge and follow the path that will take us down to Fontanile. After crossing the hamlet, we follow the asphalt road until we reach the village of Chiesa. If we prefer to take the path, initially we cut through a few hairpin bends, but from a group of granges we will definitely leave the road and go down on the left passing on the other side of the valley. It is a quick descent, and it takes us to Mas del Bernard. We cross the hamlet, arriving on the asphalt road. From here we just need to cross the road and go down on the little road that makes us cross a small bridge and go up to the village centre of Chiesa.

Points of interest

Village of Chianale, one of the most beutiful villages in Italy; Church of S.Antonio, Parish Church of S.Lorenzo; Capuchin Minssion, today the location of the Museum of Costume and Textile Crafts of Valle Varaita; Punta Cavallo, the Battagliola (war between the Piedmontese and French in 1744)

Support points

Chianale: grocery stores (in the weekend in the low season)  Pontechianale: supermarket and bakery


From the Strada Provinciale della Valle Varaita road, go right after the village of  Casteldelfino towards Colle dell'Agnello. Chianale is the last village. To go to the village of Chiesa, go left after the village of Casteldelfino towards Bellino.

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Varaita
Itinerary code: VVT
Recommended period: spring-summer-autumn
Historical interest: Yes
Devotional interest: Yes
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Notes on public transport
www.buscompany.it www.savgroup.it
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
12020 Pontechianale (CN)
see on map
Borgata Chiesa
12020 Bellino (CN)
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