Val Varaita Trekking: Stage 4 Becetto - Rifugio Bagnour

da Sampeyre a Pontechianale (18,90 km)
Highlights and tour details

Departing from the wash house located in the square of Becetto, we take the descent that leads to "Ristorante del Becetto", with the annexed grocery store, and skirting the buildings downstream, we reach the village of Civalleri. After crossing the small hamlet we follow the visible path that leads us to ford the Rio Crosa. Continuing on the uphill path and paying attention to the very exposed path equipped with chains, we arrive at Meira Roina, built on particularly panoramic rocks. A few minutes from here we reach the Preit refuge - a forest nursery of the 20s, We continue on the flat path and then slightly uphill, ignoring the downhill path that allows us to shortly reach the hamlet of Chiotti and then Sampeyre. We pass Meire Bellocchio, where we take a dirt road downhill on the left and rejoin the road coming from Chiot on the right. We pass Meire Dueo and reach Serre di Raie, an interesting group of stone houses (meire) in a panoramic position. We turn right and take the path on the ridge that runs along the meadows, at the end of which we turn left following the flat track and passing two brooks, a group of meire and the two branches of Rio Milanesio, until we reach Meire del Colletto with the adjoining chapel dedicated to the Madonna della Neve. We continue on the road that is paved in some parts and we reach Meire di Ciampaneis (Ciampanesio). Just before the houses we take the path on the right that crosses the pastures slightly uphill, pass an ancient tunnel and reach a natural balcony: the Croce d'Alie, where the path crosses the crest and allows us to enjoy the panorama that the upper valley offers. Proceeding on the flat path, we come to Meire Brondu. After passing a second group of meire named Auriol, we follow the path on the right that leads into the heart of the Alevè wood. Proceeding slightly uphill and after ignoring a few forks by going straight on, we reach the granges of Pralambert Sottane and encounter the path that will take us to Lake Bagnour and the homonymous refuge passing near the granges of Pralambert Soprane and Lake Secco. Connections with accommodation facilities at the bottom of the valley: from the meire of Ciampaneis we keep to the carriage road downhill, and after a few hairpin bends we take the mule track at the first fork on the right that goes down to Villar (B&B La Calendula). From the granges of Auriol, it is possible to shortly reach an asphalt road by continuing straight on along the same mule track that will take us to Casteldelfino (Mulino delle Fucine holiday farm).

Points of interest

The Vivaio del Preit: a 12,000 square metre nursery built by the forestry administration in the early 1900s and operational until the end of the 1950s. Today, a splendid spruce grove remains.

Support points

Becetto (grocery stores-campsite-restaurants-hotel)


Go up Valle Varaita reaching the Municipality of Sampeyre. Before the centre, take the fork on the right towards Becetto.

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Varaita
Itinerary code: VVT
Recommended period: spring-summer-autumn
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
12020 Sampeyre (CN)
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Rifugio Bagnour
12020 Pontechianale (CN)
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