Trek: Calcante (TC)

da Lanzo Torinese a Usseglio (99,50 km)
Highlights and tour details

The TREK CALCANTE (TC) hiking itinerary has this name because it stretches mostly along the slopes of Uja di Calcante, a very suggestive peak that rises geographically in the centre of the Lanzo Valleys and which, with its recognizable profile, is always present in the panoramic views along the various stages of the itinerary. Departing from Parco del Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge Park) in Lanzo, the route initially starts at medium low altitudes where it crosses the mid-valley municipalities, numerous villages, places of cultural and religious interest, wooded areas and streams. In the intermediate stages it reaches higher altitudes where it meets groups of small alpine lakes, vast grasslands and mountain pastures still used in the summer season by the local breeders. The final stretch extends into Valle di Viù where wooded areas alternate with panoramic stretches and, in the final stage, the ancient narrow-gauge field railway infrastructure of the early 20th century used in the construction of reservoirs and hydroelectric power stations that is still operative today.

Thanks to the multifaceted and varied nature of the route, the stop-off points offer very different opportunities. In fact, they are made up of both small tourist and farm accommodation facilities that are typical of the villages you come across, and private refuges that are up on the mountain pastures, culminating in the most intense and adventurous experience of a bivouac that is always open and available to hikers who have to spend a night at high altitude.

The routes are on suitably signposted paths or trails and partly on dirt roads leading to the mountain pastures and forest tracks. All these trails can be covered without the need of any equipment in the optimal period from May/June to October, but the length and the difference in altitude of some stages require a fair amount of training. Although the stages go from east to west and therefore progressively increase in altitude, the choice of the direction is absolutely free, taking into account that the stretches from east to west are more uphill, while on the contrary the stages gradually go downhill, requiring less effort and fatigue.

The itinerary offers the possibility to connect and vary the route by joining the departure point of Lanzo with the Anello Ceronda, of which it can become an alternative prolongation, while in the territory of Usseglio, joining the GTA and the Alta Via delle Valli di Lanzo and then, for those who wish to go further westwards, with the Tour della Bessanese and France.


Points of interest

History of Mountaineering in the Lanzo Valleys Ecomuseum, Museum of Lanzese Textile Art, Silmax Tool Museum, Ancient road to the Viù Valley, Gate and Civic Tower of Aymone di Challant, Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge), “N. Grosa” Contemporary History and Resistance Documentation Centre, Wine Museum, Ethnographic Museum of Objects of Daily Use, Ancient road for the Viù Valley, Monte Momello Panoramic Viewpoint, Giardinia Environment educational area, Sentiero del Calcante, Sentiero Frassati di Traves, Sentiero dei Pellegrini, Sentiero del Treno, Castello dei Conti Francesetti, Nailer Ecomuseum, Anello della Consolata, Li Pilon, "Colle della Dieta" cycle tourism path, Uja di Calcante, La Gorgia Waterfall in Mondrone, Resistance Ecomuseum, Sacred Art Museum, Villa Franchetti, Colle del Lys Nature Park, Cappella degli Olmetti (Chapel of the Elms), Ponte di Forno, Chapel of San Giulio, Anello delle religiosità di Lemie (Sacredness ring), Cascata torrente Ovarda (waterfall), Il Bosco – Museum for everyone, "Arnaldo Tazzetti" Civic Museum, Mulino dei Vulpòt (Mill), Sentiero della Decauville.


East attachment: From the Municipality of Lanzo at the entrance to the Parco del Ponte del Diavolo easily accessible both by public transport at the nearby train station of Movicentro di Lanzo, and by car on provincial road SP 2. Intermediate attachments: the route crosses or touches the inhabited centres and villages of the Municipalities of Germagnano, Traves, Pessinetto, Mezzenile, Viù and Lemie. From all these points, at the discretion of the hiker, consulting the map, it is possible to find easy links from which to undertake the itinerary from the intermediate stages. West attachment: from the Municipality of Usseglio, take the road as far as Malciaussia where trail 111B starts which descends towards Usseglio taking advantage of the route of the ancient Decauville railway.

Other information

Source: CAI Lanzo
Itinerary code: TKC
Recommended period: From May (June if there is a lot of snow above 2000 m) to October.
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Ponte del Diavolo
10074 Lanzo Torinese (TO)
see on map
Lago di Malciaussia
10070 Usseglio (TO)
see on map
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