Trek Calcante: Stage 2 Traves - Frazione Tornetti

da Traves a Viù (18,40 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the centre of Traves, go down past Case Perino (613 m) and crossing stretches of woodland and the small footbridge, you will arrive at the hamlet of Biò di Traves, near the railway station. From provincial road SP1, in front of the Traves vehicular bridge, path no.351B and then no.351A begin which, climbing up into a woody area, lead to the Sanctuary of Sant'Ignazio (970 m). The path descends from the sanctuary first to Gisola (854 m) and then to Pessinetto Fuori (639 m) on track no. 350 called Sentiero dei Pellegrini. Then on track no. 335, you reach the hamlet of Losa through a wooded area and cross the provincial road SP1 again near the railway station (553 m). From here, you cross a footbridge over the Stura di Lanzo and go up along path no. 258 through a birch and beech wood until you reach the hamlet of Pugnetto di Mezzenile (845 m): a village known for its caves (SIC Area) and for its small characteristic double façade church. Continue on path no. 202 until you reach Colle Lunelle (1312 m) near the famous climbing wall. From here, descend along paths nos. 253 and 256, encountering the remains of abandoned gold mines, to continue to Colle Pra-Lorenzo (part of the Sentiero Frassati path). From Colle Pra-Lorenzo (1388 m) it is possible to climb to the summit of Uja di Calcante (1614 m) along track no. 253A and then descend along the opposite ridge to Colle della Cialmetta (1305 m) or reach the same by continuing across the mountainside on track no. 135A. It is possible to stop at the historic facility located here, and for those who want to take the 2/1 variant, it is advisable to previously contact the tourist operators of Viù, who will meet you by car at the nearby Colle della Dieta to take you to their accommodation facilities. For those who do not want to take the long variant, it is advisable to proceed along path no. 204B, which reaches Colle della Dieta (1538 m) and then descends, passing through small villages to the hamlet of Tornetti di Viù (1151 m) where you will find a stop-off point at private accommodation facilities.

Points of interest

The Sanctuary of Sant’Ignazio in Pessinetto, the renowned Caves of Pugnetto a destination for Italian and international tourists and scholars (Hamlet of Pugnetto, Municipality of Mezzenile).

Support points

Albergo Ristorante Lusiana Frazione Lusiana 5, 10070 Traves +39 0123 410009 - +39 345 4586791 info@albergoristorantelusiana.it www.albergoristorantelusiana.it. Bivacco Colle Cialmetta Managed by: ANA di Viù (National Alpine Corps Association). Santuary of Sant’Ignazio. Agriturismo Il Runch Frazione Tornetti, 10070 Viù www.ilrunch.biz.

Other information

Source: CAI Lanzo
Itinerary code: TKC
Recommended period: From May (June if there is a lot of snow above 2000 m) to October.
Historical interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
10070 Traves (TO)
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Frazione Tornetti
10070 Viù (TO)
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