Tour of Bessanese: Stage 3 Avérole Refuge - Gastaldi Refuge

da Bessans (France) a Balme (9,30 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the Avérole Refuge, climb up the grassy slope passing the crag until you come close to the orographic right of the Rio Ruisseau du Veillet. Continue on to a clearly visible end moraine close to which you cross the stream. The trail climbs the moraine to reach a small crag of rocky steps (2850 m) where it passes over the right bank of the stream. Crossing can require some attention if the stream has swollen. The track climbs the ridge on very steep morainic soil until you reach the basin topped by the remains of the Glacier Des Grandes Pareis. Here the trail track disappears into Clapier Blanc (3030 m). Looking northwards, you note a saddle behind which rises the top part of the Albaron; to reach it, initially the route continues slightly uphill to 3100 m and then lowers slightly in a basin in the direction of several schist crags. The trail makes a complete arch which leads towards the saddle (to be always visible, the trail signs are sometimes positioned very high up on boulders). Having reached the crags, the track becomes visible again and climbs the slope on the left on a triangle. The trail signs lead to the peak that runs along Punta Audras to reach Passo del Collerin. From here, the descent begins on the Italian side on a steep slope of unstable debris. The descent, in case of frozen or mixed snow, may prove challenging, so suitable equipment is recommended (ice axe and crampons). The steep canal descends for approximately 200 metres and leads to the Pian Gias glacier (3000 m). With the utmost care, it is possible to proceed without crampons on this glacier that is not too steep and mostly covered with debris always paying close attention, especially in case of fog, to the trail signs on the boulders. The descending track continues to the centre of the slope keeping itself to the orographic right of the stream that emerges from the glacier to meet the boulders under the peak of Rocce delle Russe (2800 m). Here, you cross the stream and go along it following the moraine downhill to meet the trail tracks for Ciamarella where it crosses back over the stream taking itself back to the right bank. Having reached the indicator pole, the route abandons the trail that descends to Pian della Mussa and follows the track on the right that in 30 minutes takes to the Gastaldi Refuge along an up and down route halfway up the slope.

Support points

Rifugio Gastaldi (2659 m) Località Ciausinet, 10070 Balme +39 0123 565008 - +39 348 3691127 info@rifugiogastaldi.com www.rifugiogastaldi.com. Open: from April to September. Sleeps: 99. Rifugio d’Avèrole (2190 m) Bessans, Haute-Maurienne +33 04 79059670 refugedaverole.ffcam.fr. Open: from March to May and from June to September. Sleeps: 88.

Other information

Itinerary code: TDB
Recommended period: From late June to early September.
Historical interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Refuge Avérole
Bessans (France)
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Rifugio Gastaldi
10070 Balme (TO)
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Accommodations and services

Rifugio Les Montagnards
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Rifugio Les Montagnards
Les Montagnards is the result of forty years of life dedicated to the world of the mountains as managers of mountain huts on the most important massifs of the Western Alps: from Mont Blanc to Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and finally the Graian Alps. Over the years, we have wanted to combine our high …
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