Tour dell'Uja: Stage 4 Bivacco Molino - Rifugio Città di Ciriè

Balme (8,30 km)
Highlights and tour details

Starting from the Molino Bivouac, after descending to Alpe Le Piane (2032 m), turn west taking trail 232 and shortly after 232A which climbing slightly reaches Lake Mercurin (2497 m). Walk along the southern bank of the lake on trail 227 and then climb a steep channel of inconsistent debris as far as Lake del Ru (2585 m). Past the lake, a highly scenic plain opens out on the balcony of Val d'Ala and you reach Alpe della Rossa (2230 m). Continuing on, along a wide arch, turn right at the junction and follow trail 226A to descend to Pian della Ciamarella. Cross the Ciamarella river and descend quickly along trail 226 to the City of Ciriè Refuge (1860 m). 

Points of interest

In Balme: The Ruciàs fortified house. For over four hundred years, the Ruciàs fortified house has dominated the valley from the top of a crag, right in the centre of the village. The enormous defensive structure, recognisable by its single narrow entrance and tiny windows, has a complex structure with stone staircases, corridors, living quarters and barn, underground passages and cellars dug out of the rock. The side facing the river is inaccessible from the bottom and opens into covered loggias, overlooking the deep gorge of the stream below. The upper floor housed a huge granary and is surmounted by an enormous roof supported by large beams and covered with stone slates. In the past, prior to the demolitions at the beginning of the century when the provincial road was built, the fortified house allowed access to the oven, washhouse, fountain and chapel, without ever going outdoors, a considerable advantage during heavy winter snowfalls.

Support points

Molino Bivouac (2280 m) in I Fondi, 10070 Balme Open: all year. Sleeps: 24. Managed by: C.A.I. Lanzo Torinese. Città di Ciriè Refuge in Giasset, Pian della Mussa, 10070 Balme +39 0123 738158 - +39 329 2141782 +39 370 3329300 info@rifugiocirie.eu www.rifugiocirie.eu. Open: all year. Sleeps: 24.

Other information

Source: CAI di Lanzo
Itinerary code: TDU
Recommended period: From June to September.
Historical interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Bivacco Molino
10070 Balme (TO)
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Rifugio Città di Ciriè
10070 Balme (TO)
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