Tour dell'Uja: Stage 2 Borgata Bracchiello - Alpe d’Attia

da Ceres a Ala di Stura (8,30 km)
Highlights and tour details

Departing from the village of Bracchiello, go along path no. 241, through a wooded area. The path goes up the Rio Crosiasse valley, with stretches on both banks until reaching the Crosiasse alpine pasture (1795 m). Continuing on path no. 241 you turn in a south-westerly direction to continue climbing until you reach the panoramic Colle d'Attia (2101 m). From this point a descent begins on trail no. 238, which leads to Alpe d'Attia where the stage ends and from where you can depart once again the following day. To reach the accommodation facilities where you can spend the night, you must descend for a further stretch along the south-facing waterway on trail no. 238 to reach Pian d'Attia where you will find the connection to the road. Alternatively you can take another stretch of the route on trail no. 236A from Alpe d'Attia, making a wide semi-circle to the west crossing the Rio Chianale valley to Alpe Serpeis (1603 m) where there is a carriage road. If contacted beforehand, one of the operators from the Municipality of Ala can meet the hikers at one of the meeting points to accompany them to the main town with their own means of transport and to the departure point the next day.

Points of interest

At Ala di Stura: Casa della Dogana (dating back to 1400, where the "coat of arms" and "friezes" of the Savoy family have been restored). In the hamlets surrounding the capital many houses preserve Sundials and Frescoes, some of 1577 and 1588 attributed to Perini and invaluable heritage, object of historical/cultural routes inserted into the project of the Municipality to requalify the works in the artistic and tourist panorama of Piedmont.

Support points

Trattoria dei passeggeri Frazione Bracchiello, 10070 Ceres +39 3476758505 info@trattoriadeipasseggeri.it www.trattoriadeipasseggeri.it.

Other information

Source: CAI di Lanzo
Itinerary code: TDU
Recommended period: From June to September.
Historical interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Borgata Bracchiello
10070 Ceres (TO)
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Alpe d’Attia
10070 Ala di Stura (TO)
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