Tour dell'Uja: Stage 1 Borgata Trambiè - Borgata Bracchiello

da Cantoira a Ceres (11,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

Departing from Borgata Trambiè, trail 307 goes along the right orographic bank of the Stura Torrent for a stretch and then climbs to the “dolmen” of Combin. It then goes into the wood to reach Piano Uccello (1102 m) following the tracks of an ancient lake now dried up. You meet a forest track that is followed to Borgata Senale (1083 m) to then undertake the climb in the beech forest as far as the steps in dry stone that leads to the Sanctuary of Santa Cristina (1340 m), breathtaking view of Val Grande. The descent to Pian di Ceres along track 242 allows to visit the Chapel of the Angels and the Chapel of the Plagued. On the next section, 242A, halfway up the slope you reach Borgata Monti of Voragno (973 m). Continue on, halfway up the slope on trail 260 towards Frazione Belmonte and Casa Belfè (1146 m) where you meet the unpaved road that descends to Frazione Bracchiello (843 m). The first stage ends and you can find hospitality in the accommodation facilities of the area.

Points of interest

At Ceres: the Chapel of Santa Cristina (14th century, embellished in the 17th century, situated on the top of a steep rock, it is also a destination for the magnificent panorama over the Lanzo Valleys, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud (Vorgano, rich in frescoes, probably dating to the 17th century, which witness the passage of the Holy Shroud in the Lanzo Valleys), the Chapel of Madonna degli Angeli (according to tradition, it was built in Pian di Ceres at the time of the plague; the frescoes are by the painter Oldrado Perini and dated 1577, as shown in the inscription inside), the Museum of the Population of the Lanzo Valleys.

Support points

Trattoria dei passeggeri Frazione Bracchiello, 10070 Ceres +39 3476758505 info@trattoriadeipasseggeri.it www.trattoriadeipasseggeri.it.

Other information

Source: CAI di Lanzo
Itinerary code: TDU
Recommended period: From June to September.
Historical interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Borgata Trambiè
10070 Cantoira (TO)
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Borgata Bracchiello
10070 Ceres (TO)
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