Tour della Bessanese: Stage 2 Rifugio Cibrario - Refuge Avérole

da Usseglio a Bessans (France) (15,20 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the refuge, cross Pian dei Sabiunin to reach the moraine where the steep track begins, which climbs 300 m up to the glacial basin of what was once the Bertà Glacier (2900 m). With a very slight uphill route you walk along the plain keeping close to the rocky crags that descend from Testa Sula. Some turns lead directly to Colle Sulè (3073 m). From the hill the track descends on a steep slope and then continues on a stony slope up to an altitude of 2800 m where you leave the path and climb up (stake sign) towards a small melt-water lake. Go around the lake, continue on grassy stretches and trail tracks until you cross a visible military mule track. Go up the mule track to the right until you reach a small lake and the building of the former Rifugio Moise. From the back of the building you continue with along a visible mule track towards the eastern lakes which you leave at a distance on the right. At the height of the emissary of Lago di Auteret, you come across the path coming from Malciaussia. Proceed along the path until you reach Colle dell'Autaret (3072 m). From the pass, descend along the steep moraine front and continue along the hillside until you cross the Torrent de la Lombard (2560 m). Continue along the orographic left bank until you reach an altitude of 2450 m where, just before the Cabane des Bergers, the path turns right leaving the main path and descending towards a footbridge that leads back to the right bank of the stream. After the bridge, the path climbs slightly up to Pas de la Mule from where it descends again to Plan de Revallon in the direction of Rifugio d'Averole. Going back up the slope, you come across the Col d'Arnès path, on which you walk the last metres until reaching Rifugio d'Averole.

Support points

Rifugio Cibrario (2616 m) 10070 Usseglio +39 011 9988830 rifugiocibrario@caileini.it www.caileini.it/rifugiocibrario/. Open: from June to September. Sleeps: 42. Rifugio d’Avèrole (2190 m) Bessans, Haute-Maurienne +33 04 79059670 refugedaverole.ffcam.fr. Open: from March to May and from June to September. Sleeps: 88.

Other information

Itinerary code: TDB
Recommended period: From late June to early September.
Historical interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Rifugio Cibrario
10070 Usseglio (TO)
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Refuge Avérole
Bessans (France)
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Accommodations and services

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