Tour della Bessanese: Stage 1 Rifugio Gastaldi - Rifugio Cibrario

da Balme a Usseglio (7,50 km)
Highlights and tour details

Follow the path that descends from the Gastaldi Refuge towards the exit of the Crot del Ciaussine basin, in the direction of a small waterfall formed by the stream that descends from the basin below the Cresta Del Fort. After crossing the stream, the path climbs along the grassy and detrital slope between the waterfall and the walls of Rocca Affinau. After a short climb, you arrive at the fork for Colle d’Arnas; the track of the Tour ignores this indication and follows the tracks on the left that go around Rocca Affinau keeping in the valley to its left. With a few steep turns, the path leads to a basin where there are several meltwater lakes. Once you reach the steep detrital slopes that close the basin, a short well-marked track goes up again with a diagonal to the left that leads directly to Collarin d'Arnas (2850 m). The path descends on sheepbacks towards Lago della Rossa and its dam. Just before the dam on the left of the path, you will find the San Camillo Bivouac. After crossing the dam, follow the dirt road that surrounds the lake and then turn left. Ford a brook and resume the path on the hydrographic left side, proceeding towards the bottom of the basin. Climb a ramp that starts at the height of a small waterfall and goes along an easy path to Colle Altare (2962 m). From the pass follow the track that leads to a wide channel in which, keeping always on the right side and alternating apparently flat ground with steep slopes, you descend to a plateau dotted with pools of water and bordered by Lake Peraciaval. The well-marked path crosses the plain and leads above the cliff overlooking the Sabiunin plain, from where, with a few steep hairpin bends, you can reach Rifugio Cibrario.

Support points

Rifugio Gastaldi (2659 m) Località Ciausinet, 10070 Balme +39 0123 565008 - +39 348 3691127 info@rifugiogastaldi.com www.rifugiogastaldi.com. Open: from April to September. Sleeps: 99. Bivacco San Camillo (2735 m) Località Lago della Rossa, 10070 Usseglio Open: always. Sleeps: 20. Rifugio Cibrario (2616 m) 10070 Usseglio +39 011 9988830 rifugiocibrario@caileini.it www.caileini.it/rifugiocibrario/. Open: from June to September. Sleeps: 42.

Other information

Itinerary code: TDB
Recommended period: From late June to early September.
Historical interest: Yes
Disabled facilities: No
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Rifugio Gastaldi
10070 Balme (TO)
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Rifugio Cibrario
10070 Usseglio (TO)
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Accommodations and services

Rifugio Les Montagnards
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Rifugio Les Montagnards
Les Montagnards is the result of forty years of life dedicated to the world of the mountains as managers of mountain huts on the most important massifs of the Western Alps: from Mont Blanc to Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and finally the Graian Alps. Over the years, we have wanted to combine our high …
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