The Chestnut Path

Monta' (11,70 km)
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The Chestnut Path: a paradise of contrasting surroundings, from hills with vineyards and orchards to wet areas of the biotopes, through ancient chestnut groves and votive shrines.
Chestnuts were once found all throughout Roero, but now they are mainly found only in the communes of the Rocche. Since the Roman era, the chestnut has effectively become a native species, and its fruit has always been so important that it was called the “bread tree”. As the old farmers still say: “It was the only crop that cost nothing. They were gathered and that’s it, like food that fell from the sky”. The path run into areas with some of the most impressive specimens of Roero chestnut, known for their production of the early ripening chestnuts of the "Madonna". Starting point of the Path in Vittorio Veneto square, in the centre of the village of Montà d’Alba, where it is possible to park the car and follow the signage.

Other information

Devotional interest: Yes
Provinces crossed: Langhe Monferrato e Roero

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
piazza Vittorio Veneto
12046 Monta' (CN)
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https://izi.travel/it/5f77-sentiero-del-castagno/it https://www.ecomuseodellerocche.it/it/sentieri/6/sentiero-del-castagno

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