Superga Vezzolano Crea: Stage 3 Murisengo - Santuario di Crea

da Murisengo a Serralunga di Crea (17,40 km)
Highlights and tour details

Having visited the interesting town of Murisengo, leave it close to the new sports fields following the dirt road which leads to Cascina Zucca, to then rejoin the flat road in the direction of Villadeati (from this point there is a breathtaking view of the town of Murisengo); passing in front of the votive chapel of Sant’Antonio Abate we walk on the ridge; at the junction continue left for Villadeati. Cross the town and reach the cemetery. After a few bends you will find a fountain on the right, continue on the road and at the next bend (sign of Lussello-Zanco) turn left on asphalt downhill. Having reached the bend on the right take the dirt road that climbs and at the bend on the left take the flat grassy road, pass behind a farm (panoramic point) to enter the wood downhill. Having passed a monumental oak tree called “dei tre soldati”, because three soldiers were killed by lightening at its foot during the “great maneuvers” of 1911, you reach the paved road (sign Odalengo Piccolo), cross it to the left on the ridge just above the local restaurant “TUAIS”. Reach a hill, in part still covered by rare specimens of Scots pine (in local dialect “pessre”); at this point, you see the asphalt road below, descend and reach it, continue to the left for approximately 50 m, then again to the left among the vineyards to reach the ridge. You meet the sign Odalengo Piccolo – Castello di Pessine: at the bend on the left which leads to the Castle turn right onto dirt road; at the next junction turn left. At the point in which the trail makes a large bend with a sweeping panorama on the right, under a beautiful tree, you encounter a large stone on which CAI of Casale has placed the commemorative plaque of the inauguration of the Superga-Crea trail dedicating it to the unforgettable Cesare Triveri. At the next junction go left on flat ground and reach a hill. Further on, having reached some ruins continue uphill. At the next junction take the dirt road to the right which leads to the wood and descending you reach provincial road 18. Take it to the right in a slightly uphill direction. With slight ups and downs you reach a hill (sign Azienda Agricola Gigliola), take the dirt road to the left with pines and tall broadleaved trees, skirting a building, a farmhouse, and then continue to the left downhill. You reach a vineyard, go alongside it to the left as far as the wood, enter and take the road which goes right and leads to the asphalt road. Once you have reached the asphalt take a left uphill, pass a farmhouse and you can see the Church of Ponzano. Having arrived at the crossroads, go left for Crea and you reach the town. Continue on, to arrive at the homonymous Sanctuary.

Other information

Source: Ente di Gestione delle Aree Protette del Po e della Collina Torinese
Itinerary code: SVC
Recommended period: All year round
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Alessandria & Monferrato, Langhe Monferrato e Roero, Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Via Asti 1
15020 Murisengo (AL)
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Strada provinciale 19, 54
Santuario di Crea
15020 Serralunga di Crea (AL)
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