Sentiero David Bertrand: Stage 1

da Roletto a Frossasco (10,11 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the centre of Roletto, go along via Costa for 400 m, then take via Ribetti and go up it for a long stretch to number 31 (at the first crossroads with via Donizetti, keep to the right; at the next crossroads keep always to the left). Now leave the asphalt road and go up the meadow on the right, keeping to the edge, reaching the boundary wall of the house above; skirt it uphill on the right until you come to a flat dirt road. Turn right and, in front of a gate, go uphill again on the left, soon reaching a paved road. Proceed along Via Verdi to reach the Vasca Rocca Muretto (aqueduct), beyond which you skirt a boundary wall and then come to the path that climbs to the left of another fence. When you reach Rocca Vautera, leave it to the right. The path first climbs rather steeply and then, on a slight slope, passes below the Montagnetta, a take-off point for paragliders. The clearly visible track, which at times takes on the characteristics of a forest track, leads to Colle Infernetto; here a dirt road on the left descends to the hamlet of Talucco, while our itinerary turns right and, with moderate ascents and descents, reaches Colle dell’Eremita. The path now turns right and begins to climb steeply, skirting a low wall in the initial part. The long climb ends just below the wide, wooded ridge; after a flat stretch you reach an equipped area and Colle Ciardonet below. Here you temporarily leave the itinerary and descend to the right along the dirt road that takes about 20 minutes to reach Rifugio Melano/Casa Canada, a stage stop-off point.

Points of interest

In the municipality of Roletto, the building of greatest historical and artistic importance is the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin on the town's main square. Close to the Giuseppe Melano Refuge "Casa Canada" is the climbing wall of Rocca Sbarua, used by mountaineers. The cliff provides more than 100 climbing routes, which vary in length from 20 to 200 metres, with different levels of difficulty. In the surroundings of the refuge, there is the charcoal pile trail. 

Other information

Itinerary code: SDB
Recommended period: May-October
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
10060 Roletto (TO)
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Rifugio Melano - Casa Canada
10060 Frossasco (TO)
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