Sentiero 13 laghi (13 lake path)

Prali (21,40 km)
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The itinerary is functional to an area with distinctive landscape, natural and historical elements.

The area of the 13 Lakes is a Site of Regional Importance (SIR). The "Protected Areas and Natura 2000 Network" are a perimeter of sites of naturalistic interest at local level proposed by the Regione Piemonte within the Bioitaly Project (Ministry of the Environment) – pursuant to Regional Law 47/1995, now nodes of the Regional Ecological Network. The basin of the thirteen lakes is located between Cappello d'Envie (2,618 m), Passo della Cialancia (2,683 m), Punta Cialancia (2,855 m), Passo Roux (2,830 m) and Punta Cournour (2,867 m), in the heart of Val Gemanasca. The area has this name because of the presence on its territory of thirteen small stretches of water, probably of glacial origin.  Besides the naturalistic beauties and the suggestive panoramas, the basin also offers various historical-military testimonies. In fact, in this area there are the Ricoveri Perrucchetti shelters (built between the 19th and 20th century and dedicated to the founder of the Alpini corps, Giuseppe Domenico Perrucchetti), several small abandoned barracks and the military roads (paths 201 and 230), which go up from the valley along the surrounding slopes. At Lake Ramella there are also two cannon barrels, the remains of the four used in June 1940 by the 149th artillery battery of the Guardia alla Frontiera (Italian Army Border Guard) during the battle of the Western Alps.

Points of interest

The area dei tredici laghi (area of thirteen lakes) at an altitude of 2300 m, is home to numerous alpine lakes and military buildings. The most important buildings are the Ricoveri Perrucchetti (shelters), built between 1888 and the early 1900s on the wide plateau around Lago della Draja and dedicated to Giuseppe Domenico Perrucchetti, one of the founders of the Alpine troops.

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New Bivacco 13 Laghi under construction


Follow SP 23 del Colle di Sestriere from Turin and then SP 166 from Inverso to the hamlet of Ghigo di Prali

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Itinerary code: STL
Phone coverage: Yes
Recommended period: Summer
Access by public transport: Yes
Provinces crossed: Torino

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The public transport system is provided by "Sadem".
Morning: Depart from Turin at 7:15 and arrive in Prali at 9:55 Evening Depart from Prali at 6 pm and arrive in Turin at 20:19 link: http://www.sadem.it/it/prodotti/calcola-percorso.aspx
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Borgata Malzat
10060 Prali (TO)
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