Rete Natura 2000 - Capanne Di Marcarolo Stage 4

da Lerma a Voltaggio (17,80 km)
Highlights and tour details

The itinerary resumes from the area of Cirimilla, from which the intermunicipal road of Cirimilla departs, a vehicular road with regulated traffic that meanders along the valley of the Piota torrent and allows to reach the hamlet of Capanne di Marcarolo. Continuing uphill along the Cirimilla road for about 2.2 km, you reach a junction, in correspondence of an indicator pole of the Park Authority. Both roads lead to Capanne di Marcarolo, take the one that detaches itself on the left and always continuing uphill reach the deviation for Cascina Fossa del Cucco (452 m), a forest track which detaches itself on the left and which you need to follow, abandoning the Cirimilla road and passing the watershed that separates the valley of the Piota torrent from that of the Gorzente torrent. From here, the route continues downhill, which becomes particularly steep after reaching and passing Cascina Fossa del Cucco: the forest track bends sharply to the right and the view opens on the Gorzente valley. Continue downhill for about 700 m, until you reach the ford on the river (245 m) and after a few metres the hydroelectric power plant. Now, turn left to travel the paved road in the opposite direction that from Cascina Cravaria leads directly to the power plant. Once at Cascina Cravaria turn right (road sign “Laghi della Lavagnina”), along a vehicular road which is initially paved and then unpaved that meanders between the arboreal vegetation formed above all by conifer reforestation. After approximately 1 km, the route goes along the gorge dug by the Gorzente torrent, in which it is possible to see the imposing system of pipes that transports the water used for the production of hydroelectric power. From here, in a short time you reach the lower Lake of Lavagnina (335 m), ignore the deviation on the right which leads to the dam and reach Casa del Custode, next to which the itinerary EALA4020000 (Laghi Della Lavagnina – Case Eremita) detaches itself. The first part of this itinerary, from Casa del Custode to Lago del Funtanin, includes the Self-guided Nature Trail “Laghi della Lavagnina”, a themed route of approx. 2.5 km (the guidebook can be found at the offices of the Park Authority and affiliated stores). You follow the panoramic road with a natural bottom that goes along the lower Lake of the Lavagnina, along which rocky outcrops alternate with short but dense sections of forest, radiated in correspondence with the impluvi. A second dam announces the arrival of the Upper Lake; in fact, it is a shallow body of water that includes a marshy area, where the marshy cane (Phragmites australis) grows luxuriant and a lovely area of riparian woodland, dominated by the presence of black alder (Alnus Glutinosa). In correspondence of the information board of the Park a track on the left leads to Cascina Iselli and Galena; the itinerary continues instead on the right, reaches a small area equipped with tables and benches and goes into the wood, going along the Gorzente torrent.Passed a slope subject to landslides, the trail abandons the wood and continues to climb the torrent that flows between the steep walls to form small enchanting lakes, bubbling in waterfalls at each change of gradient. The wild and rugged environment of the gorges of Gorzente, where it is possible to hear the call of the imperial raven (Corvus corax) and of the peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) and, with a little bit of luck, catch a glimpse between the rocks of the coloured livery of the rock thrust, accompanies the hiker to the confluence with the Rio Eremiti. With a steep uphill section, the itinerary climbs the slopes of Mount Tobbio and goes along the Rio Eremiti, first on the right bank and then on the left one, always staying at a height of ten – twenty metres above the water. Finally, you reach provincial road SP165. Turn left and in a few minutes you reach Hermit Pass (559 m) in correspondence of a crossing of three roads that connect the villages of Bosio, Voltaggio and Capanne di Marcarolo. The 4th stage of the itinerary is not over yet, but if you prefer to stop in a managed facility that offers greater comfort compared to the bivouac on Mount Tobbio, the stage can be interrupted at Hermit Pass. From here, a 30-minute walk along provincial road SP 165 takes to the Agriturismo Pian della Castagana – Pian Della Castagna 115060 Bosio (AL) Telephone: 0143 685004 Mobile: 335 6027972 Mail: info@piandellacastagna.it. For hikers who wish to continue, the climb to Mount Tobbio provides two different itineraries. They join for a few metres in the initial section and then definitively in the final section, becoming a single trail. We choose the one that from the Chapel of Hermit Pass detaches itself on the left (an indicator pole is present). After the first bend, the trail merges for about fifty metres with the second itinerary that leads to the mountain top; following the trail sign chosen at the start, continue along the trail, at times uneven, that winds upwards, on wide hairpin bends, on the northern slope of Mount Tobbio, until you meet the itinerary coming from Voltaggio. Just another few uphill sections and, with a last long traverse, you reach Dagliola Pass (856 m), important crossroads of the itineraries that lead, as well as to the peak of Mount Tobbio, to Mount Figne, to Bocchetta Pass, to Nespolo Bridge. From the Pass, follow a long traverse in a northerly direction, until you reach the point in which the two itineraries of Mount Tobbio meet again and continue together, with a few more wide hairpin bends, to the peak, where the Church of Our Lady of Caravaggio and the bivouac are located. The bivouac is not managed and always accessible.

Support points

Monte Tobbio bivouac (not managed and equipped with wood-burning stove, tables and benches, rainwater collection tank). For information, contact Parco Naturale delle Capanne di Marcarolo on 0143 877825 info@parcocapanne.it, www.parcocapanne.it


Other information

Itinerary code: RNK
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Alessandria & Monferrato

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Località Cirimilla
15070 Lerma (AL)
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Monte Tobbio
15060 Voltaggio (AL)
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