Rete Natura 2000 - Capanne di Marcarolo Stage 3

da Bosio a Lerma (17,40 km)
Highlights and tour details

The stage begins in the town of Capanne di Marcarolo, more precisely from the “Nido del Biancone” Refuge, situated along provincial road SP 165, in front of which is an indicator pole of the Park Authority. From the Refuge, take the SP 165 for about 150 m and then, turning right at the crossroads, provincial road SP 69 in the direction of Campo Ligure for about 200 m. Continue on, until you reach the point in which, in correspondence with a gate, a dirt road detaches to the right. The route goes downhill; you enter a forest and then, after going past the access points to two private homes, continue on a slight slope into a broad-leaved wood. A short up and down section leads to a clearing where the dirt road terminates and a trail starts. After a short climb, continue on a slight slope along the side facing the valley of the Piota torrent, alternating open sections that offer a lovely view of the town of Capanne di Marcarolo with short stretches in the wood, to reach the pass that leads to the town of Campo Ligure (GE) (indicator pole) by taking the trail that descends to the left. The itinerary continues between the rocks, along the north side of the ridge, until it crosses another trail where there is an indicator pole of the Park Authority: the top of Mount Pracaban (946 m) is reached by making a small deviation in the direction of the “Prato del Lupo” pass. After having admired the panorama that you can enjoy from the top of the mountain, return on your steps and in correspondence with the indicator pole follow the directions for Mount Colma – Loc. Magnoni, proceeding on flat ground and passing alongside a “panel” repeater. From here, the trail continues slightly downhill and after a few metres you have two possibilities: continue straight on or deviate to the right and reach the remains of Cascina Grilla, which had an important role in the Partisan events which have marked the recent history of Marcarolo. In any case, you will reach a dirt road that must be followed as far as an open field (ignoring a deviation that takes to Rossiglione). Once passed the clearing, the dirt road continues for a long section close to the border between Piedmont and Liguria, touching the remains of Cascina Fontanassi (indicator pole) and descending to reach the watershed at the point in which you meet the road that leads to Magnoni, the one that leads to Val Berlino and the trail for Mount Colma. Following the latter, we enter a dense forest of chestnut, downy oak and beech trees. The trail stays primarily on the watershed, past the “Carla Poggio” point (indicated with a memorial stone), the track crosses the bottom of a gorge known as “the gorge and rocks of the Babilano plains”. The arrival to the top of Mount Colma is announced by the remains of the small barracks D.I.C.A.T.  After the barracks, by turning left it is possible to reach a panoramic point. The itinerary in the direction of Magnoni (indicator pole) continues downhill, initially inside the dense chestnut coppice forest, then the forest becomes more sparse and the track, first easy, shows sections interested by weather erosion. Having reached an open space that is also used as a car park, continue along the vehicular dirt road until you meet a second dirt road. Turning right, in a few minutes you reach Magnoni (503 m), characterised by the presence of an information board and by an indicator pole of the Park Authority. The itinerary, almost at the end of the third stage, now leaves the boundaries of the Natural Park and continues within the Site of Community Importance, following the road with a natural bottom that detaches on the left (direction “Cascina Fontanassi – 6.6 km”) for about 300 m. At the junction you turn left (indicator pole – direction Villaggio Primavera), along a farm track downhill that goes into a mixed forest of oak, beech and chestnut trees. Pass some houses and, on the right, the archaeological area of Bano, to reach Villaggio Primavera (263 m), where the natural bottom of the road ends and the paved section begins. Continue along the main route, ignoring the secondary road which detaches itself first to the right and then to the left, until it reaches the bridge over the Piota torrent. After crossing it, continue on the orographic right side of the torrent and shortly after you reach Cirimilla (250 m), characterised by the presence of several houses. At the junction turn right in the direction of Capanne di Marcarolo and, after a few dozen metres, you reach the car park next to the Agriturismo Cirimilla.

Support points

Hiking refuge "Nido del Biancone" - fraz. Capanne di Marcarolo - Bosio (AL). Park Tourist Office Tel 0143-877825 email info@parcocapanne.it Website www.parcocapanne.it CAI Hiking refuge “Mulino Nuovo” - fraz. Capanne di Marcarolo - Bosio (AL). Tel. 0131 237619 (Mr Amisano) Trattoria degli Olmi - fraz. Capanne di Marcarolo - Bosio (AL) Tel 0143.684010 Holiday farm Agriturismo Cascina Cirimilla - Lerma (AL). Tel 0143.877702 ! Holiday farm Agriturismo Le Miniere 0143.877801 managed by the villge of Lerma)

Other information

Itinerary code: RNK
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Alessandria & Monferrato, Other

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Capanne di Marcarolo
15060 Bosio (AL)
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Località Cirimilla
15070 Lerma (AL)
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