Rete Natura 2000 - Capanne di Marcarolo Stage 2

Bosio (12,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Ponte Nespolo, at the ford of the River Gorzente, continue for about 300 m along the provincial road in the direction of Capanne di Marcarolo. At the information board and the indicator pole take the trail that detaches to the left and, on flat ground, climbs back up the orographic left side of the Gorzente. In a short time, we reach the Mulino stream shortly before it meets the Gorzente; the flow rate is generally so
low not to create problems in the crossing. The itinerary continues without the possibility of error along the trail that goes along the Gorzente, passing beyond the junction from which the itinerary that climbs to Cascina Preaduga and to Mount Tobbio detaches itself. In the last section, slightly uphill, we are now in sight of the dam of Lake Bruno (660 m) which is reached by walking along the remains of ancient constructions and passing the lateral drainage of the lake waters, which operates only in the case of heavy rainfall. You remain on the orographic left side of the dam (indicator pole) and continue, after having gone around a small promontory, to the lake drainage walkway. After having passed it, the trail rises slightly until we reach a pulpit above Lake Bruno and a crossing of trails (indicator pole). The itinerary continues on the trail to the right, in the direction of Capanne di Marcarolo (the itinerary of the left takes to Capanne Superiori di Marcarolo), mostly on flat ground and surrounded by rather sparse vegetation, to reach the remains of Cascina Arbéghi (650 m), immersed instead in a forest of beech and oak. At this point a wide forest track detaches itself which, after a rather sharp climb, continues along the north side of Costa Lavezzara, alternating modest ups and downs, sections in the woods and open and panoramic sections. The forest path should be walked as far as an area called I Fòi, at the point in which it meets the provincial road (SP) 165, which leads in a few minutes to the village of Capanne di Marcarolo.

Support points

Baita Rio Gorzente - Bar, Restaurant, Equipped area, Tent Site - S.P. 165 Guado del Gorzente - 15060 Bosio (AL) Tel. : 010-8934055 Manager no: 347.7789371 Address and e-mail: baitagorzente@gmail.com Website: www.baitagorzente.it Hiking refuge CAI “Mulino Nuovo” - fraz. Capanne di Marcarolo - Bosio (AL). Tel. 0131 237619 (Mr Amisano) Trattoria degli Olmi - fraz. Capanne di Marcarolo - Bosio (AL) Tel 0143.684010

Other information

Itinerary code: RNK
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Alessandria & Monferrato

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Ponte Nespolo
15060 Bosio (AL)
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Capanne di Marcarolo
15060 Bosio (AL)
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