Rete Natura 2000 - Capanne di Marcarolo Stage 1

da Voltaggio a Bosio (13,90 km)
Highlights and tour details

In the first part, the itinerary goes for some long stretches along the watershed that separates Liguria from Piedmont. Departing from Passo della Bocchetta (778 m), the route goes uphill for about 1.7 kilometres along a stretch of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri (Upper Path of the Ligurian Mountains and previously marked as itinerary E1), paved with river pebbles. Once you reach the large repeater located on Monte Leco, follow the path that branches off on the left and continues along the Ligurian side of the mountain, reaching after a short descent Colla del Monte Leco (960 m), a grassy pass that separates the valley of Rio Crovi from that of Rio Campi.  The itinerary continues uphill along the northern side of Monte Taccone, until reaching a little hill from which it is possible to reach the top of the mountain (1113 m) and admire the Gorzente Lakes. After a short flat stretch you reach Passo del Mezzano (1066 m), where the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri descends to the left towards Lake Bruno, while the itinerary follows the yellow signs and reaches the top of Monte delle Figne (1172 m), the highest peak of the Park. From here the itinerary continues descending among the high-altitude meadows in the direction of Cascina Carrosina. Once you reach the farmstead, ignore the path that branches off to the left and descends in altitude by continuing instead along the carriage road with a natural terrain. Once you reach a signpost, the road descends to the right while the itinerary continues to the left along a path that remains halfway up the hillside and reaches the windy Passo della Dagliola (856 m). Following the signs for Ponte Nespolo, take the path on the left, which descends among the rocks along the southern slope of Monte Tobbio and enters a chestnut wood, until you reach the outbuildings of Cascina Nespolo. Continuing along the dirt road that connects the farmstead to the SP 165 you will find the last path to Ponte Nespolo on the left, which leads directly to the stage stop-off place "La Baita del Gorzente".

Other information

Itinerary code: RNK
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Alessandria & Monferrato

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Passo della Bocchetta
15060 Voltaggio (AL)
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Ponte Nespolo
15060 Bosio (AL)
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