Percorsi Occitani: Stage 8 Borgata Ussolo - Borgata Chiappera

da Prazzo a Acceglio (14,66 km)
Highlights and tour details

The itinerary regains altitude along the path of the previous stage, going past some stone granges, proof of ancient agricultural activities. At 1771 m of Gr. Chiotto Ligera you find yourself walking in large pastures and the climb becomes steeper among sparse larch trees, towards Colletto Serasin (2040 m). When you arrive here there is a 360-degree view that ranges from the middle to the high valley, running along the meadows of the Traversiera valley, up to the rocky border peaks. You descend first along the grassy track, then along the agricultural track and finally on asphalt to the hamlet of Lausetto where you turn right, already in sight of the little church of San Maurizio. After crossing the fields behind the chapel, you follow the long hillside that reaches the panoramic hillock of La Crocetta (1669 m) and then Chiappera.

Points of interest

Cascate di Stroppia: with its almost 500 metres, it is the highest waterfall in Italy; the jet becomes it most powerful in late spring and then "disappears" in summer when the level of the above Lake Neira lowers. Castello/Provenzale Group: it has four peaks, Rocca Provenzale (2402 m), Punta Figari (2345 m), Torre Castello (2448 m), Rocca Castello (2452 m) and is a renowned site for rock climbing.

Support points

Hiking refuge – PO stop-off place -Trattoria Pizzeria Bar "LA CARLINA" Borgata Ussolo, 18 - PRAZZO 0171-99118, 348-3139190 lacarlina@aol.it - www.rifugiolacarlina.com Hotel LOCANDA MISTRAL * * *Borgata Ponte Maira, 26 - ACCEGLIO0171-99090 / 349-1710961info@damistral.it - www.damistral.it Room rental Restaurant Pizzeria VISAISA TAVERNA & FORESTERIA Borgata Saretto, 6 - ACCEGLIO 0171-99054 tavernavisaisa@gmail.com  Bar Restaurant LA PROVENZALE – MARIA BAR & RISTORO Fraz. Chiappera, 20 - ACCEGLIO 340-4913936 laprovenzalechiappera@gmail.com, barmariachiappera@libero.it - www.laprovenzalechiappera.it LA SCUOLA DI CHIAPPERA hiking refuge Borgata Chiappera 78 - ACCEGLIO 334-7670616 info@lascuoladichiappera.com - www.lascuoladichiappera.com RIFUGIO CAMPO BASE hiking refuge Borgata Chiappera SN - ACCEGLIO 334-8416041 info@campobaseacceglio.it - www.campobaseacceglio.it Affittacamere LE CASCATE Borgata Chiappera 53 - ACCEGLIO 348-2669525, 348-2669515, 380-5238945 lecascatechiappera@libero.it - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Affittacamere B&B CHIAPPERA ** Borgata Chiappera - ACCEGLIO 342-1341021 pierpaolo.maero@gmail.com - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/B_B Campeggio CAMPO BASE* Borgata Chiappera SN - ACCEGLIO 334-8416041 info@campobaseacceglio.it - www.campobaseacceglio.it CAMPEGGIARE SENZA FRONTIERE equipped area Località Cascate di Stroppia- ACCEGLIO 348-7391356 perino.campeggiosenzafrontiere@gmail.com - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Campeggi


Prazzo and Acceglio can be reached with your own means of transport or with the bus departing from Cuneo www.benese.it/orari-bus. There is also a 24-hour taxi service with baggage transport active all year round (Sherpabus) 348 8231477 - sherpabus@libero.it

Other information

Itinerary code: POC
Phone coverage: Vodafone 100%
Recommended period: June - October
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Notes on public transport
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Gr. Draio di Ussolo
12028 Prazzo (CN)
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Frazione Chiappera
12021 Acceglio (CN)
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