Percorsi Occitani: Stage 7 San Michele di Prazzo - Borgata Ussolo

Prazzo (5,94 km)
Highlights and tour details

The seventh stage leaves San Michele di Prazzo to reach the villages of Vallone and Ussolo. You resume walking along pastures and sparse larch woods, uphill to the ruins of the Albeno granges, just below the homonymous Punta (1796 m). A little further on a spectacular and picturesque view opens over the wooded slopes of Rocca Corna and on the steep slopes that precipitate down to the valley bottom. The hillside cuts through high mountain pastures that start to bloom with rhododendrons, gentians, anemones, orchids and violets at the beginning of the summer. Long stretches of moderate descent allow you to reach the track that connects the village of Ussolo to the high pastures. If you want to take advantage of a break, you lose height difference towards the village of Ussolo, along a clearly visible path among dry stone walls and mixed deciduous woods.

Support points

Holiday farm, Stop-off point "AL CHERSOGNO" Borgata Allemandi 6 - Fraz. S. Michele - PRAZZO 0171-99223, 328-0153284 info@chersogno.it - www.chersogno.it Lodging Restaurant Room rental Bar Grocery (May-October) "LA TANO DI GRICH" – Holiday apartments "LES CHAMBROS DI GRICH" B.ta Chiesa 3 e 3b – B.ta Villa 12, Fraz. S. Michele - PRAZZO 0171-996010 / 338-9857901 info@latanodigrich.it - www.latanodigrich.it Holiday home "ANTICO ALBERGO DELL’ANGELO E DEL BUON VINO" Borgata Chiesa 23 – Fraz. San Michele - PRAZZO 0113470131 / 338-3623878 mirella.miroglio@crescereinsieme.it - www.crescereinsieme.it RHiking refuge – PO Stop-off point - Trattoria Pizzeria Bar "LA CARLINA" Borgata Ussolo, 18 - PRAZZO 0171-99118, 348-3139190 lacarlina@aol.it - www.rifugiolacarlina.com


Prazzo can be reached with your own means of transport or with the bus departing from Cuneo www.benese.it/orari-bus. There is also a 24-hour taxi service with baggage transport active all year round (Sherpabus) 348 8231477 - sherpabus@libero.it

Other information

Itinerary code: POC
Phone coverage: Vodafone 90%
Recommended period: June - October
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Notes on public transport
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
borgata Cesani
12028 Prazzo (CN)
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Gr. Draio di Ussolo
12028 Prazzo (CN)
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