Percorsi Occitani: Stage 4 Frazione Camoglieres - San Martino Inferiore

da Macra a Stroppo (16,93 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Camoglieres you have the possibility to walk the panoramic Sentiero dei Ciclamini (Cyclamen Path), which runs along the limestone walls of Crocetta Soprana and Punta Raveirola (via ferrata and equipped cliff) in an environment that is picturesque due to the abundant flowering of orchids in the spring and cyclamen in late summer. When you reach the Langra mountain hut, follow the signs for Centenero/Caudano, uphill to 1296 metres and then along a hillside that climbs and descends. Once at the Caudano mountain hut, it is worth stopping for a few minutes to admire the ancient lazaret (1463 A.D.). The itinerary continues with a constant pace; the panoramic view further on is breathtaking: the Gothic bell tower of the church of San Peyre di Stroppo (XIII century) with the bordering peaks of the upper valley and the village, perched on the steep slopes of San Martino, the destination of the stage. The path passes the mountain huts Cucchiales and Ciamin to get there.

Points of interest

Church of San Peyre di Stroppo: splendid bell tower in alpine gothic style with several frescoed scenes from the late Middle Ages inside; among these, in addition to Christ enthroned, the Apostles, the Evangelists and several saints. There is the interesting scene of the Dormitio Virginis (Dormition of the Virgin Mary) and inside the minor apse there is the fresco of painted music with the shepherd playing the piva (bagpipes), an instrument symbolising folk music. Ancient Hospital and Lazzaretto (place of quarantine for people with contagious diseases): its construction in the hamlet of Caudano dates back to 7 July 1463, thanks to the interest of a noble family of that time, the Agnesi. You can still admire the ancient structure of a hospital "pro receptatione Christi pauperum" today.

Support points

Locanda Occitana "DEL SILENZIO" Borgata Camoglieres, 33 - MACRA 0171-999305 / 333-8179936 info@locandadelsilenzio.com - www.locandadelsilenzio.com "CIAMINAR" Hiking Refuge Borgata Camoglieres - MACRA 0171-999305 / 335-1278400 / 333-8179936 info@locandadelsilenzio.com - www.locandadelsilenzio.com Room rental/Restaurant/Inn/Holiday Apartments "CODIROSSO" Frazione Ruata Valle, 8 - STROPPO 348-8860680 / 380-5333955 info@codirosso.it - www.codirosso.it "LA FREIDIO" holiday home Frazione Ruata Valle - STROPPO 392-0545532 lafreidio@gmail.com - www.casavacanzelafreidio.it Holiday farm "ALPES D’OC GREEN" Frazione Morinesio, 73 - STROPPO 348-7469019 morinesio@alpesdoc.com - www.alpesdoc.com Holiday Residence "ALPES D’OC MORINESIO" Frazione Morinesio - STROPPO 0171-916277 / 011-597602 / 348-7469019 morinesio@alpesdoc.com - www.alpesdoc.com Holiday home "CENTRO CULTURALE BORGATA SAN MARTINO" Borgata San Martino Inferiore - STROPPO 0171-999186 info@borgata-sanmartino.eu - www.borgata-sanmartino.eu "BORGATA SAN MARTINO" Hiking Refuge Borgata San Martino Inferiore 52 - STROPPO 0171-999186 info@borgata-sanmartino.eu - www.borgata-sanmartino.eu Holiday farm "BORGATA CIAMIN" Borgata Ciamin - STROPPO 331-8751929 / 0171-999198 info@ciamin.it - www.ciamin.it B&B Room rental Residence Holiday home Holiday apartments "CASA DEI FIORI" Frazione Morinesio, 89 - STROPPO 0171-999303 / 339-6196206 email@casadeifiori.com www.casadeifiori.com Room rental Residence Holiday home Holiday apartments CASA DEL SOLE Frazione Morinesio, 26 - STROPPO 0171-999303 / 339-6196206 / 335-6820158 email@casadelsole-morinesio.com - www.casadelsole-morinesio.com B&B "ROTA D’AMONT"Località Contà - STROPPO 328-5670073 info@rotadamont.com - www.rotadamont.com Osteria "LOU SUBRIC" Borgata San Martino Superiore 109 STROPPO 320-1196687 lousubric@gmail.com - www.lousubric.it


Macra and Stroppo can be reached with your own means of transport or by bus from Cuneo (www.benese.it/bus-timetables). There is also a 24-hour taxi service with luggage transport all year round (Sherpabus) 348 8231477 - sherpabus@libero.it

Other information

Itinerary code: POC
Phone coverage: Vodafone 100%
Recommended period: May-October
Historical interest: Yes
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Notes on public transport
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Frazione Camoglieres
12020 Macra (CN)
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San Martino Inferiore
12020 Stroppo (CN)
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