Percorsi Occitani: Stage 14 Borgata Chiesa - Cartignano

da Celle di Macra a Cartignano (19,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

The penultimate stage allows you to re-join the lower valley. From Chiesa you take the lane near the "Seles" Museum and you shortly reach the Castellaro hut ((1449 m). Continue firstly uphill, then downhill to the Soglio Bianchi hut. Once you have reached it, turn right onto the forest track that leads across the hillside to the high villages of Paglieres (San Damiano Macra). After a stretch on asphalt, keep right near the Bedale hut along the mule track that crosses Rio Albert (mill), and in the shade of a beech wood reaches Colle Santa Margherita (1330 m). Go down, following the carriage road with Dronero now in sight; when you reach the Falcone hut, a short ascent along a path leads to Colle del Tejè (1149 m) and then you descend again to San Damiano Macra. You reach Cartignano by flanking the Maira stream.

Points of interest

Museo "Seles" dei Mestieri Itineranti (Museum of Itinerant Trades-villages of Chiesa, Celle Macra): it is set up in the ancient Chapel of St. Rocco, it retraces the history of itinerant trades, some of which are widespread throughout the Alps and others typical of the Maira valley, and in particular that of the anchovy traders. This trade, which was initially seasonal, then became permanent and has survived to the present day, mainly involving several villages of Celle di Macra, Macra, Lottulo and Paglieres. The museum has original objects and clothing and descriptive panels of multimedia and audiovisual stations with video clips and documentaries.

Support points

Lodging/Room rental/Restaurant/Bar PALENT Borgata Palent, 15 - MACRA 340-8237898 info@locandapalent.it - www.rifugioalpinopalent.it - www.locandapalent.it Hiking refuge MARAMAN L’OSTE DE SELES Borgata Chiesa, 8 – CELLE DI MACRA 349 5326880 / 340 9001573 maraman.celledimacra@gmail.com - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/RifugiPosti-tappa GTA stop-off point Borgata Chiesa 1 – CELLE DI MACRA 349 5326880 - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/RifugiPosti-tappa B&B LA BUNETA** Borgata Paschero, 16 – CELLE DI MACRA 340 5471413 / 338 3599313 info@labuneta.it - www.labuneta.it Holiday home EX CANONICA Borgata Chiesa 2 – CELLE DI MACRA 348 4721310 parrocchiaincisa@gmail.com Stop-off point CARTIGNANO Piazzetta 30 luglio 1944 – Borgata Ponte - CARTIGNANO 0171-900254 ponte.cartignano@gmail.com - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/RifugiPosti-tappa Holiday home SAN LORENZO* Piazza Paschero, 17 - CARTIGNANO 0171-900302 / 333-1488127 cartignano@ruparpiemonte.it - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Case-per-ferie B&B LA CA’D’BOSCH Borgata Mittante 12/a - CARTIGNANO 333-4072844 info@lacadbosch.it - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/B_B Agriturismo MARTINET E MÜLIN Vicolo Forno 51, Via Paschero – CARTIGNANO 342-1247308, 388-6055002 - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Dormire-Agriturismi


Celle Macra can be reached with your own means of transport or with the 24-hour taxi service with baggage transport active all year round (Sherpabus) 348 8231477 - sherpabus@libero.it. Cartignano can be reached with your own means of transport or with the bus departing from Cuneo www.benese.it/orari-bus.

Other information

Itinerary code: POC
Phone coverage: Vodafone 100%
Recommended period: May-October
Historical interest: Yes
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Notes on public transport
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Borgata Chiesa
12020 Celle di Macra (CN)
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12020 Cartignano (CN)
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