Percorsi Occitani: Stage 11 Rifugio della Gardetta - Borgata Arata

da Canosio a Marmora (20,16 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Rifugio della Gardetta follow the easy dirt track that descends towards Canosio, among gentle depressions, to Colle del Preit (2076 m). From here you avoid the asphalt, keep to the right and shortly reach the grassy track that reaches the slopes of Rocca la Meja and regains altitude at Colle Margherina (2408 m) and Colle d'Ancoccia (2535 m). You walk once again along historical military roads and you can see bunkers and casemates among the rocky walls and on the most strategic summits. Turning left, now close to Colle del Mulo (2529 m), the view sweeps over the peaks of the Stura valley. Once over the Pass, a long descent along a path runs through the Marmora valley, skirting the lovely Lake Resile and through the larch trees it reaches the hamlets of Marmora, rich in architectural and artistic remains.

Points of interest

Memorial stone commemorating the Alpine troops that were hit and killed by an avalanche in January 1937. Altopiano della Gardetta: an Italian geological heritage since 2001

Support points

Agriturismo LA MEJA Via Pianesio 1, Loc. Colle del Preit - CANOSIO 0171-998116 Winter contacts: 347-4342497 info@agriturismolameja.it Rifugio CAI LA GARDETTA Località Piano di Pianesio (2335m) - CANOSIO 348-2380158, 348-6626016 rifugio.gardetta@yahoo.it www.rifugiogardetta.it Room rental Trattoria Albergo diffuso Lodgings GTA stop-off point Pensione CEAGLIO Borgata Vernetti 5 - MARMORA 0171-998117 / 347-7839466info@ceaglio-vallemaira.it - www.ceaglio-vallemaira.it Room rental LA MARMU – Osteria CROCE BIANCA Borgata Vernetti, 18/20 - MARMORA 0171-998307 / 0171-998110 lamarmu@tiscali.it - www.lamarmu.com Hotel Lodgings Occitan Restaurant Hiking refuge LOU PITAVIN Borgata Finello, 2 - MARMORA 0171-998188 info@loupitavin.it - www.loupitavin.it BORGATA SAGNA ROTONDA Borgata Sagna Rotonda - MARMORA 339-4916161 info@sagnarotonda.com - www.sagnarotonda.com Room rental restaurant AL BRIEIS Borgata Brieis 1 - MARMORA 347-2242137 info@brieis.net - www.brieis.net Agriturismo/B&B LOU BIÀ Borgata Torello, 5 - MARMORA 0171-998155 / 338-8509682 bbloubia@gmail.com www.loubia.it B&B / Rifugio Esc. / Posto Tappa BREC DAL VERN Borgata Arata 4 - MARMORA 347-0054481 brecdalvern@gmail.com www.brecdalvern.com B&B CASA A VELA 1*** Borgata Reinero 4/A 347-4130525 casaavela@libero.it www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/B_B B&B CASA A VELA 2*** Borgata Reinero 4 328-8680688 casaavela@libero.it www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/B_B Holiday Apartments BELLA VISTA MARMORA Borgata Reinero,5 - MARMORA 0049 4060315385 / 0171-998307 ra.dr.kann@t-online.de www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Alloggi-Vacanze--Casa-Vacanze--Residence Holiday apartments IL CUORE Borgata Reinero 16 - MARMORA 340-2336801 alloggivacanzemose@gmail.com www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Alloggi-Vacanze--Casa-Vacanze--Residence Holiday apartments IL CAMINO Borgata Reinero - MARMORA 340-3943401 marta.maccario@libero.it www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Alloggi-Vacanze--Casa-Vacanze--Residence Azienda Agrituristica SERRA SERGIO Borgata Superiore 6 - MARMORA 342 3810180 serrasergio@gmail.com - www.visitvallemaira.it/pages/Dormire-Agriturismi Camping Village LOU DAHU Strada Provinciale, 6 – Loc. Pian Ciaslana - MARMORA 348-7288691 info@campingloudahu.com - www.campingloudahu.com


Canosio and Marmora can be reached with your own means of transport or with the 24-hour taxi service with baggage transport active all year round (Sherpabus) 348 8231477 - sherpabus@libero.it

Other information

Itinerary code: POC
Phone coverage: Vodafone 95%
Recommended period: June - October
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Rifugio CAI della Gardetta
12020 Canosio (CN)
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Borgata Arata
12020 Marmora (CN)
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