Monferrato of the Infernots: Stage 3

da Cella Monte a Vignale Monferrato (19,01 km)
Highlights and tour details

The departure of this stage from Cellamonte is in the wide crossing point between Via Barbano, the Ring Road and the provincial road SP 40. Take the SP40 for Rosignano, crossing part of the village and taking a short section of the provincial road SP38 before turning after about 1450 m from the departure to the right on the municipal road San Sebastiano and continue to Cascina Cavalla. After about 1000 m take provincial road SP42 towards Frassinello, travel it for 300 m and take a dirt trail on the right which runs parallel to provincial road SP42. We are now in Valle Ghenza white truffle area (it is possible to see truffle hunters at work here in autumn). Walking the trail parallel to provincial road SP42 for 3200 m, go past Cascina Bellero, to reach the SP (provincial road) for Moleto where you turn left at the Valisenda equestrian centre, continue for 400 m and turn right in the direction of Frassinello on provincial road SP42. After 300 m, turn left onto a dirt road and then after another 300 m turn right onto a paved road and you meet the Church of S. Bernardo. 500 m further on, resume provincial road SP46 and continue towards the village of Frassinello. Having crossed Frassinello turn left on the road for the Castle of Lignano. Follow the road passing under the Castle of Lignano to reach the SP (provincial road), turn left and walk for 20 m then turn right onto the paved road for Camagna and cross the River Rotaldo. Turn onto the first dirt trail you meet on the left, and continue uphill for 800 m until the Church of S. Andrea, then turn right for Camagna on provincial road SP69 until the junction with provincial road SP68. Continue to the right, towards the centre of Camagna. Cross the town in the direction of Vignale. Arrived in Piazza Lenti looking upwards to the left you can admire the majestic 19th century cupola of the architect Crescentino Caselli that resumes the structure developed a few years earlier by his illustrious teacher Antonelli in the cupola of San Gaudenzio in Novara. Looking right, at the end of the square there is the birth home of the brothers Agostino and Pietro Lenti, respectively commander and member of the III Brigata Matteoti, Partisan band known as Banda Lenti. Having reached the cemetery, in correspondence of the park of the rimembranza, keep to the right and continue towards Vignale along provincial road SP68 for 800 m and turn at Cascina Patrucco, onto the dirt trail on the left downhill until you meet the trail at the valley bottom which you take to the right in the direction of Vignale. Follow the valley bottom trail parallel to provincial road SP68 for 1200 m then turn left onto the trail uphill that becomes paved in the last section. From here, to the left, you can admire the profile of the town of Camagna. Walk along the football pitch and you arrive in Vignale at the junction for Camagna. Take Via Rossi until you reach piazza Mezzadra that is the arrival point a few hundred metres on.

Points of interest

Along the stage: Valle Ghenza (white truffle area), majestic 19th century dome by the architect Crescentino Caselli, birthplace of the brothers Agostino and Pietro Lenti (Banda Lenti). In Frassinello: 17th century chapel of San Bernardo, church dedicated to San Giuseppe (1600), parish church of the Assumption, Lignano castle, 16th century church of Sant'Anna, Sanctuary Beata Vergine delle Grazie (1600), medieval castle.


Other information

Itinerary code: MIV
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Alessandria & Monferrato

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Bivio in località c.na San Rocco
15034 Cella Monte (AL)
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15049 Vignale Monferrato (AL)
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