Lou Viage: Stage 9A Ferrere - Monte Enciastraia

Argentera (6,80 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the church of Ferrere follow the signs for Colle del Ferro - Laghi di Vens; about 100 metres after the hamlet, before the slightly downhill path crosses the stream, turn right heading to the west. Continue in this direction until you reach Gias di Colombart (2231m) and continue on what remains of a former military road up to Bassa di Colombart (2461m). You then follow the path that with a short crossing to the west leads you to Colle del Puriac (2506m), which marks the Italian-French border. From the pass, continue westwards along a red and yellow marked path just below the watershed and the border. The path then turns north-westerly, passes the foot of Rocca dei Tre Vescovi, and at an altitude of about 2650 m there is a for. Leaving the tracks on the left that go up to the Rocca, you take a steep north-easterly slope that leads to a hill from which, turning left along an easy and wide ridge, you reach the top of Monte Enciastraia (2955m). The return to Ferrere is by the ascent route.

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Stura
Itinerary code: LVG
Recommended period: June - October
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
12010 Argentera (CN)
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Monte Enciastraia
12010 Argentera (CN)
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