Lou Viage: Stage 4 Vinadio - Neraissa Inferiore

Vinadio (8,10 km)
Highlights and tour details

You will start by directly entering the valley of Neraissa through the "Portassa" of Fort Albertino. Commissioned by King Charles Albert and built between 1834 and 1847, the Fort is a masterpiece of military engineering and technique. Today it houses the Montagna in Movimento multimedia route, whose installations invite visitors to retrace the past of mountain culture to reflect on the present and move through space and time to "feel" that original interaction between places and people, between nature and history that has made the Alps a cradle of mountain civilisation. You go past a small church and a little further on, in a hairpin bend, you take a dirt road on the right which, continuing parallel to the stream, rejoins at the height of a small bridge at the route described below. From Vinadio take via Divisione Cuneense, which at the end of the village bends uphill towards the north-east; after about 500 metres you take a dirt road on the left. With a series of hairpin bends you proceed along a steep slope. The dirt road ends in a wide and panoramic area where stands the small fort Neghino, which allowed possible attacks from upstream to the fort of Vinadio to be seen. Behind the fort the road turns again into a small path that turns north, initially on a parallel slope and then slightly downhill towards the side valley of Rio Borbone. The path continues towards the brook of Rio Borbone and crosses it, reaching the side valley of Neraissa. You reach the ruins of Lentre d'Adrecchio and cross the brook of Neraissa over a bridge to then meet a small road that you take to the right going uphill until you reach the ruins of Lentre Soprano (1,162 m). Once you reach the end of the village, do not take the wide and perpendicular path that winds northwards, but take the narrower and steeper one on the left. The path becomes more and more panoramic and free from plants and shrubs, until you first reach a shrine and then the ruins of Castellar (1,370 m). The path continues inside the village and ends on the asphalt road, the one that was left before going towards Lentre. After a sharp curve the landscape sharply changes again and you climb up to a high altitude plain with Mount Nebius (2600m) in the background. Just before reaching the village of Neraissa Inferiore, you can see a stone building, the old public oven of the village on the left side of the road. The stop-off point here is located directly at the village chapel.

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Stura
Itinerary code: LVG
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
12010 Vinadio (CN)
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Neraissa Inferiore
12010 Vinadio (CN)
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