Lou Viage: Stage 15 Vinadio - Borgata Perdioni

da Vinadio a Demonte (10,20 km)
Highlights and tour details

You take the road which, passing in front of the Carabinieri barracks and flanking the walls of the Fortress, descends towards the sports field and the skating rink. After passing the football ground, turn left and walk parallel to the Stura river to reach the provincial road. Then turn right and immediately after the iron bridge turn left onto a dirt road; walk alongside the river until the dirt road turns right. You return to the provincial road which, after turning left, you walk along for a couple of dozens of metres to then take a dirt road again on the left which reaches a bridge after going alongside the river. Turn right onto an asphalt road and you will reach the centre of Aisone. Proceed left on the SP 337 for a few metres and then right for the Pinet. You start to climb until you cross a dirt road on the left that you follow until reaching a private hydroelectric power station. You pass a brook and once again reach an asphalt road, which you follow downhill until coming to the crossroads for the village of Paluc. Proceed to the right and, after the village, turn left for Perdioni and return to the provincial road which, after a short walk down the valley (on the right) leads to Locanda La Randoulina, where the stop-off point is located (780m).

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Stura
Itinerary code: LVG
Recommended period: All year unless there is snow
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
12010 Vinadio (CN)
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Borgata Perdioni
12014 Demonte (CN)
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