Lou Viage: Stage 1 Stazione di Borgo San Dalmazzo - Airale

da Borgo San Dalmazzo a Valloriate (16,10 km)
Highlights and tour details

You leave the station of Borgo San Dalmazzo (636 m), cross the state road and take via Roma. Turn left into via Grandis and from via Marconi you reach a crossroads for corso Mazzini. Leave Borgo San Dalmazzo on Corso Mazzini and after a hundred metres turn left towards Via dei Boschi. Follow the road signs for the Casa di Cura Monteserrat (Nursing Home on the right) and from here take via Camorei, an asphalt cycle and pedestrian path that leads towards Beguda through a chestnut wood. Return to the SS 21 and after a few metres take the SP 121 on the left, which leads towards Roccasparvera. After crossing the Stura over a bridge, turn left towards via Galimberti and the town hall. Proceed straight on in via Minardi and you reach a shrine and Porta Bolleris, the medieval tower of Roccasparvera (655 m). On an asphalt road you continue towards the Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie. Cross the provincial road and proceed through a chestnut wood; after a few hairpin bends take a dirt road that branches off to the left. At the first fork you keep to the right and at the second fork, in correspondence of a ruined house, you keep to the left. With a series of hairpin bends you reach an asphalt road, at which you turn left and continue until you reach Castelletto, where you take the SP 121 towards Gaiola. Cross Castelletto and continue towards Gaiola (692 m). At the entrance of the village just before reaching the SS 21, turn right into via A. Diaz at the Bar del Cantun. From here continue towards the town hall in via XX Settembre and continue until the end of the road. Here you turn right in the direction of the church, pass it and turn left into via Battisti, which shortly leads to Strada Vecchia della Braida. You arrive at a crossroads with an asphalt road and continuing to the right you go up a few hairpin bends until you reach where the road becomes flat. You come across a junction and keep left and after a last short climb you start the descent that, on a dirt road, leads to Airale (775 m), municipality of Valloriate.

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Stura
Itinerary code: LVG
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Stazione di Borgo San Dalmazzo
12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)
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12010 Valloriate (CN)
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