Il Giro delle Cinque Torri

Monastero Bormida (30,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

The Tour of the 5 Towers (the bell tower of the castle of Monastero and the lookout towers of San Giorgio Scarampi, Olmo Gentile, Roccaverano and Vengore) is one of the most popular hiking routes, excellent (with a little 'training) even for mountain -biking. Starting from the rest area just in front of the Romanesque bridge over the Bormida river and goes up the valley into a very varied natural environment reaching the panoramic view point from the Church Madonna del Rosario. The path continues along a dirt road towards San Giorgio Scarampi, a small historical center congregated around the 12th century tower-house and before reaching Roccaverano, is  a small detour to Olmo Gentile, another turreted village of great charm with a beautiful and large rest area. After crossing the centre of Roccaverano (the square of the Renaissance parish church is well worth a visit) continue on the path to the imposing Torre di Vengore (accessible); a stretch of dirt road characterized by Mediterranean vegetation, woodlands and wide landscapes leads up to  the village of Santa Libera, once the scene of partisan struggles, today a hiking refuge. From here you return to Monastero Bormida.

Points of interest

Very scenic in several points. Monastero Bormida (historic centre), Madonna del Rosario (landscape), San Giorgio Scarampi, Olmo Gentile, Roccaverano, cemetery Church of San Giovanni Vengore, Santa Libera. Interesting itinerary dedicated to nature; for example, in the appropriate period, there is the possibility of seeing wild orchids bloom.

Other information

Historical interest: Yes
Provinces crossed: Langhe Monferrato e Roero

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
14058 Monastero Bormida (AT)
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