Highway of the Morainic Amphitheatre of Ivrea: Stage 1A Magnano - Junction at Cossano Canavese

da Magnano a Caravino (19,80 km)
Highlights and tour details

Just outside the town of Magnano, at an altitude of 489 m a.s.l., we leave the asphalt road and turn right onto the slightly downhill cobbled path that leads to Piverone through the wood. In this stretch you can see the signs for two other marked paths that lead off to the left. The wood gradually goes into the countryside and the open horizon allows us to enjoy several panoramic areas, the first and most important one being accompanied by a large explanatory panel. As we approach the village of Piverone the terrain becomes asphalt; we turn right onto Strada San Pietro at the end of the descent, and continue among the houses with gardens and vineyards all around. The Cascina San Pietro winery is one the left before descending towards the centre of Piverone. We continue by turning right and come across the children's play area with a water point, and a little further on, on the left, a large car park with public toilets and information board indicating the routes; on the right there is a water dispensing point. We reach Piazza Lucca at an altitude of 295 m. a.s.l., with the Torre d'Angolo Orientale, where there is a restaurant/bar, bus stop and several shops. Just beyond the square we continue going left after having admired the Porta Orientale (eastern gate to the town) on the right, today used as a bell tower and clock. We continue along Via Castellazzo, at the bar and information board, after leaving the Town Hall on the right and the parish church on the left. With the town centre behind us, we continue along the dirt road, along the Via Francigena route among vineyards and meadows. In this stretch, where there are two accommodation facilities, another signposted path branches off to the left. The path bends left around Cascina Novello reaching the ruins of Gesiun, an ancient Romanesque church dedicated to San Pietro di Sugliaco. We return to the paved road turning right and leaving the Via Francigena. On the right there is a farmhouse and on the left the deconsecrated church of San Pietro di Navione, today used as an agricultural warehouse. We turn left on the road to Viverone, where a little further on, there is another signposted path (strada Rapella) on the left. At the end of the road to Viverone, there is a large car park on the left for cars and campers with a water point. From here the route continues towards the lakefront, which can be reached by the pedestrian crossing of the Provincial Road SP 228 on the right, from where a paved pedestrian walkway begins; at a small tourist mooring jetty, a bar and a water point, the route turns right following the lakefront of Anzasco, where there are several bars - restaurants, a water point, the car park, and a free grassy area used as a "beach". Worth mentioning in this area is the Chapel of Conzarco, also known as the "Madonna di Anzasco".

The route continues with a wooden walkway that leads to a small rest area on the shores of the lake, equipped with table and benches, at the campsite. A passageway allows you to go around the campsite area and rejoin an asphalt road for a short stretch, which deviates from the lakefront. Turn right along a track along the plain among cultivated fields, and again to the right, on a cart track skirting an interspersed little wood with tall trees. The path continues again on a track in the bushes turning right and then left on a path to reach the Maresco di Piverone area. After crossing the canal, we continue after a semi-bend to the right at the information board (being planned), and leave the wood behind us, continuing through fields and tree crops, turning left. On the right we can see the panorama of the town of Azeglio, with its characteristic bell tower. Keeping left at the fork we reach an information board, with benches, separated from the main path by a bar. Without going past it, we proceed to the right, skirting and then crossing the canal; here the farming landscape makes space for the wood. At a new crossroads we take the path on the right, then again on the left at notice board no. 2 of the Regione Piemonte. We reach the lakeside promenade at the panoramic viewpoint represented by the lake-dwelling tourist mooring place of Azeglio, where there is a small car park with an equipped area and a notice board of the Regione Piemonte. We continue skirting the lake to a new panoramic viewpoint, where the two monumental plane trees with their characteristic anastomosed branches can be admired. The path now goes away from the lake with a climb on a dirt road to cross the motorway via the subway and return to the open countryside among meadows and vineyards. With several ascents and descents alternating with flat stretches, you go around the beautiful Cascina Garlasca on the left, after which a descent leads to a junction with the first of several sacred aediculae. We turn left on the asphalt Strada della Macaria road, meeting another aedicula, where we take the dirt path on the right going downhill. Continuing towards the village of Settimo Rottaro, the path is now called Via Selva, and after the area equipped with tables and benches on the right, it becomes an asphalt road. We go through the centre of Settimo, at an altitude of 258 m a.s.l., crossing the square with Baroque style parish church on the left. Still in the square, there is a bus stop and a water point. We walk along Via San Pietro, which bends to the right, and then turn into Via XX Settembre at the sacred aedicula, with a slight descent. After a few metres, we take the dirt path on the right in the direction of Cossano, proceeding until the right turn that leads to Cascina Roiera. Once past the farmstead, we go uphill and turn right to reach the square of the Town Hall of Cossano at an altitude of 346 m a.s.l., where  the Church dedicated to the protomartyr Santo Stefano can be admired.

From here, we head to the road that leads to Masino. We proceed as far as the bend where there is a boundary wall and then take the dirt road on the left with the indication "Lusenta 2". Those who wish to see the castle of Masino (about a 1.4 km round trip) can reach it with a small diversion by following the  asphalt road.

Other information

Itinerary code: AMI
Phone coverage: partial
Recommended period: May-October
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
13887 Magnano (BI)
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Bivio tappa 2 presso Cossano Canavese
10010 Caravino (TO)
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